Temporary Assistance to Needy Families


TANF Overview
What is TANF? TANF is Louisiana's Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program. It is a group of programs and services that help people break away from what's holding them back. It's not a welfare program or a handout - it's real help for those who are ready to break the cycle.
What does TANF do? TANF organizes programs to help children, teenagers and parents across Louisiana. It is our job to get the word out to all Louisiana families who are ready to change their life for the better.
What are the current TANF programs and services? We focus on three areas that can lead to stronger families and better lives: education and literacy, employment and family stability.
What does "low-income family" mean? TANF has rules about who can qualify for certain kinds of programs. TANF programs are for parents with minor children. (Sorry, our programs do not serve the elderly or adults without children.) Also, some of the TANF programs are for "low-income" families. This doesn't mean that a family is poor or not as good as any other family. It just means that they might not be able to afford some of the services that could help them. For example, a family of three that earns less than $30,000 a year can qualify for TANF assistance. If you have questions, please call the free TANF number, 1-800-706-8263. 

How can TANF help? If you or anyone you know wants to change their situation, please call this free number: 1-800-706-8263 (or 1-800-706-TANF). We'll provide you with information about TANF programs and services that may be of assistance. 

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