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Rules and Regulations

The Rules and Regulations for the Patients' Compensation Fund is available as an Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) file. In order to view this document, your browser must have access to the Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 software add-on available for free download from Adobe Systems Incorporated, San Jose CA. Acrobat Reader allows you to view, navigate, and print PDF files across all major computing platforms.


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The bottom of this page contains an index of issues covered in the Rules and Regulations. Each issue is listed, along with the corresponding section that addresses that issue. Use this index along with the Rules and Regulations themselves to answer any questions you may have. (NOTE: One of the issues in this index relates to the PCF Statutes. This issue has a link next to it that will take you to the corresponding section of the statutes. After viewing the statutes, use your browser's "Back" button to return to this page.)




 §101. Scope
§103. Source and Authority
§105. Patients' Compensation Fund: Description 
§107. Purpose and Objective of Rules; Construction, Application
§109. General Definitions
§111. Interpretive Definitions
§113. Severability
Chapter 3.  Organization, Functions, and Delegations of Authority
§301. Board Organization
§303. Executive Director of the Patients' Compensation Fund Oversight Board
§305. Fund Property
§307. Expenses of Administration and Defense
Chapter 5.  Enrollment with the Fund
§501. Scope of Chapter
§503. Basic Qualifications for Enrollment
§505. Financial Responsibility: Insurance
§507. Financial Responsibility: Self-Insurance
§509. Financial Responsibility: Self-Insurance Trusts
§511. Coverage: Partnerships and Professional Corporations
§513. Enrollment Procedure 

Payment Time Frame(S-40:1299.44 (3)(a)) -- Link to Statutes)
§515. Certification of Enrollment 
§517. Expiration, Renewal of Enrollment 
Chapter 7.  Surcharges 
§701. PCF Consulting Actuary 
§703. Annual Actuarial Study 
§705. Risk Rating 
§707. Determination of Rates; Notice of Rates 
§709. Interim, Emergency Rates 
§711. Payment of Surcharges: Insurers and Self-Insurance Trusts 
§713. Payment of Surcharges: Self-Insureds 
§715. Amount of Surcharges; Form of Coverage; Conversions 
Chapter 9.  Scope of Coverage 
§901. Effective Date 
§903. Term of Enrollment 
§905. Scope of Coverage: Insureds 
§907. Scope of Coverage: Self-Insureds 
§909. Scope of Coverage: Self-Insurance Trusts 
Chapter 11.  Reporting 
§1101. Reporting of Claims, Reserves, Proposed Settlement 
§1103. Claims Experience Reporting: Insurers, Institutions and Self-Insured 
§1105. Noncompliance; Failure to Report 
§1107. Confidentiality 
Chapter 13.  Fund Data Collection, Maintenance; Accounting and Reporting 
§1301. Fund Data Collection, Maintenance 
§1303. Fund Accounting 
§1305. Annual Budget 
§1307. Appropriation Request 
§1309. Periodic Reports 
§1311. Annual Report 
Chapter 14.  Medical Review Panels 
§1401. Procedure 
§1403. Malpractice Complaint 
§1405. Attorney Chairman 
Chapter 15.  Defense of the Fund 
§1501. Claims Defense 
§1503. Claims Accounting 
§1505. Claim Reserves 
§1507. Settlement of Claims 
§1509. Privileged Communications, Records 
Chapter 17.  Transitional Rules 
§1701. Continuing Enrollment of Self-Insureds 
§1703. Continuing Enrollment of Self-Insurance Trusts 
Chapter 19.  Future Medical Care and Related Benefits 
§1901. Scope of Chapter 
§1903. Definitions 
§1905. Obligation of the Fund 
§1907. Claims for Future Medical Care and Related Benefits 
§1909. Attorneys; Medical Experts; Architects; Adjusters 
§1911. Examinations; Notice Requirements 
§1913. Choice of Health Care Provider 
§1915. Psychological /Psychiatric Treatment and Counseling 
§1917. Nursing Care; Sitter Care 
§1919. Treatment Protocol 
§1921. Vehicles 
§1923. Ancillary Cost; Mileage 
§1925. Modifications/Renovations to Patient's Residence 
§1927. Testimony; Communications 
§1929. Fees and Costs 
§1931. Attorney Fees