Ken Schnauder, Executive Director

Tel: (225) 342-5312
Fax: (225) 342-5318


Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 3718
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70821

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Contact Information
The PCF HAS relocated to downtown Baton Rouge.
PCF Main number: 225-342-5200.
Toll-Free number: 1-866-469-9555
HR fax number: 225-208-1421
Physical Address:
Iberville Building
627 North Fourth Street
Suite 2-300
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802
P.O. Box 3718
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70821
For questions regarding Who to Call Phone Number
Medical Review Panels/Credentialing: Normeca Smith 225-342-5254
Catha Wardlow 225-342-5305
Credentialing Link
Certified Copies or Copies for Court: Hope McCorkle 225-342-5261
Mona Sublett 225-342-5237
Rates, Applications, and Enrollments: Cathy Moss 225-342-5432
Lisa Davis 225-342-5645
Claims: Kurt Loup 225-342-5310
Cindi Sherwood 225-342-5471
Marla Perkins 225-342-5419
Accounting: Sandra Porter 225-342-5259
Samantha Kennedy 225-342-5223
Human Resources/Training/Education: Nolitha McDowell 225-342-5178
Human Resource FAX: 225-208-1421
Information Technology: Brian Mooney 225-252-1236
David Bazzelle 225-342-5246
Contracts: Pat Aikens 225-342-5392
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