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Telecommunications Information Notice 12-05
Audio, Web and Desktop Video Conferencing Services Contract

October 25, 2012

At this time, the Office of Telecommunications Management (OTM) has a single contract for multiple conferencing services and it is with AT&T. The contract is available for immediate use.

In addition to audio and web conferencing, the contract also offers desktop video service. All services are available at either a standard per minute per attendee rate or an optional flat rate per host per month with unlimited conferences using Voice Over Computer. A maximum of 250 simultaneous attendees are permitted for both the per minute and flat rate conferences. All conferences can be recorded and either stored by the vendor or provided to the procuring agency for self storage.

All standard services have a delivery turn-around of three business days after receipt of order.

Refer to either the OTM Catalog of Services or the State Purchasing website for detailed pricing information and vendor contact information.

Account establishment and billing are to be handled directly between the agency and the vendor.

The conferencing services contract number is: AT&T Contract 409361 

Ordering Procedure

  • Agency completes an OTM-52 Audio, Web, and Desktop Video Conferencing Account Setup Form, including the name, telephone number, and email address for each person authorized to use the account.
  • Agency submits both the completed account setup form and a blanket purchase order with an estimate of minutes to the vendor. These documents are not sent to OTM.
  • Vendor establishes a usage account for the agency once the purchase order is received and processed.
  • Vendor bills actual usage to the agency (not through OTM) with usage cost deducted from the number of estimated minutes on the original blanket purchase order.
  • Agency submits a change order to its blanket purchase order to amend quantities, if purchase order quantities are exhausted.

Please distribute this information to all purchasing, information technology and management staff.

For more information or assistance in determining desired features or pricing, contact Ruth Werling May, OTM Messaging Manager, at 225-342-0547 or