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Telecommunications Information Notice 11-01
Radio Paging Transition from OTM to USA Mobility

February 28, 2011

The Office of Telecommunications Management (OTM) recently completed a bid to establish a new contract for radio paging (beepers). The new contract was awarded to the paging company, USA Mobility, which held the previous contract. The new contract is USA Mobility - Pager Device and Airtime, number 408688. It can be found on the Office of State Purchasing website at:

During the rebid and bid response evaluation process, it was determined that the cost of pager services will increase. However, establishing a direct provider-to-user agency relationship between USA Mobility and user agencies will result in the lowest possible prices to those agencies. Under this new contract arrangement, OTM will no longer serve as the interface between the provider and the customer. OTM will continue to manage the paging contract, and agencies will acquire their pager devices and service directly from USA Mobility.

A transition period has begun in which the service order and billing process will move from OTM to USA Mobility. During this transition, orders for new service or those changes that will result in billing additions may not be processed between March 15, 2011, and April 1, 2011.

It is anticipated that the transition to USA Mobility will be completed by April 1, 2011. At that time, all orders for pager devices and services will be placed directly with USA Mobility. Agencies will be billed by USA Mobility and agency payments are to be made directly to USA Mobility. This transition should not be service affecting.

The OTM bill, available in early April, will include pager usage for March. About the same time, agencies will also receive the first bill from USA Mobility which will be for April usage. This will not be double billing as OTM will be billing for usage in the prior month (March), while USA Mobility will be billing for usage in the current month (April).

As the transition process has begun, USA Mobility will soon contact agencies which are now being billed by OTM for pager services. USA Mobility will be sending an email to your agency introducing their company, explaining the transition process and the training that they will offer, and requesting some agency information. The appropriate agency contact should immediately read and respond to that email, as it is time sensitive and may affect agency billing. You may contact USA Mobility at to ask any question. If your agency uses pagers and has not heard from USA Mobility by March 4, 2011, your agency should email USA Mobility at the above email address and let them know.

Click here for information and suggestions concerning the transition process, pricing and possible cost avoidance measures, and new USA Mobility online ordering and billing capabilities. The referenced information may help you prepare for the transition. Please make sure that agency personnel who are responsible for pager orders, trouble reporting, or billing are aware of this upcoming transition and have reviewed this information notice and referenced information.

If you have any question concerning this information notice, contact Ruth Werling May, OTM Messaging Manager, at or 225 342-0547.