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Telecommunications Information Notice 10-02
Regional MAC Cable Contract

August 2, 2010

The Office of Telecommunications Management (OTM) has a new statewide contract for Category 5E and Category 6 wiring. The contract is intended for moves, adds, and changes (MAC) of voice and data cabling in all buildings statewide, but not in Capitol Park buildings. The description of the service can be found on the OTM web site in the OTM Catalog of Services under Wire and Cable.  The contract is available for immediate use.

Contract prices for the cabling items are unit based with a fixed fee for each item ordered. Although there is only one contractor, items are priced by region.  Item prices vary slightly by region depending on the travel distance.

This contract differs from the existing Indoor Complex Cabling Contract and will save the customer time in both the ordering and invoicing process. This Regional MAC contract is service order driven as opposed to the end user generating a purchase order. The agency Telecommunications Coordinator (TC) simply sends in a service request to the OTM Customer Service Section. OTM will dispatch the cabling crew to the site and compensate the vendor. OTM will then charge the agency for the cabling on the agency's OTM bill at the end of the month.  If OTM's assistance is needed for design, use the Indoor Complex Cable Contract instead.

Information Technology (IT) sections that do not have a TC, but want to use this contract for LAN wiring, may request that an agency IT staff person be appointed and trained as TC. TC appointment requests should be submitted to OTM using a Telecommunications Coordinator Appointment/Update Form (OTM-11), which may be found on the OTM web site. Contact Laura Matherne at 225-342-7725 or for assistance with TC appointments and training.

Orders for this contract are to be directed to the OTM Customer Service Section at FAX 225-342-7757.  Questions about ordering may be directed to Linda Baumann at 225-342-7762 or

Questions about this information notice should be directed to Kirk Arnold at 225-342-7730 or