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Telecommunications Information Notice 09-10
Emergency Hosted IP Telephony Service

June 5, 2009

The Office of Telecommunications Management (OTM) has established a contract for Emergency Hosted IP Telephony Service. This service may be used should an agency’s primary telephone service become unavailable due to a catastrophic event. The service provider for this contract is Razorline. This service is available statewide where broadband internet service is available.

The service is available on a per-seat basis, whereby users will connect certified IP telephony equipment to the Razorline network. User agencies are responsible for the broadband internet service through their internet service providers.

To order services, the agency telcommunications coordinator should submit a Miscellaneous Service Order Form (OTM/S-1) to the OTM Customer Service Section.

The OTM Catalog of Services has been updated to reference this contract.

Questions about this information notice should be directed to Reatha Wright, OTM Enhanced Network Service, at 225 342-7710 or