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Office of Telecommunication Management (OTM) Telecommunications Information Notice 09-02

Changes to LINC Long Distance Telephone Service for 2009

March 26, 2009

Louisiana Intercity Network for Communications (LINC) long distance telephone service is provided to state offices throughout the state. The Office of Telecommunications Management (OTM) is working to make modifications to LINC long distance service that may change how agencies place long distance calls. These changes are expected to take place by July 1, 2009.

There is nothing for agencies to do now. However, OTM will begin directly contacting some agencies’ Telecommunications Coordinators (TCs) in the coming weeks to discuss required changes and how those changes will impact agency telephone systems. Before any changes are made, OTM will contact and work through agency TCs in the coming months to provide information concerning any required revision to LINC dialing instructions.

For most LINC users, there will be a change in how to dial when making a long distance call. For a few, non-Centrex users, changes may need to be made to the local trunking for PBX telephone systems, along with some possible system programming changes. OTM will meet with agency TCs and PBX administrators to determine any specific changes which may be required. OTM will be responsible for any one-time costs associated with any required changes.

It is anticipated that these changes will result in a modest reduction in costs for most long distance subscribers. While possible changes in dialing instructions, trunking, or programming are still pending, LINC subscribers will begin to see rate reductions with the February bill. The OTM Catalog of Services has been changed to reflect the reduced rates.

For more information about this information notice, contact Jolene Ardoin at 225 342-8682 or