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Jane Patterson

Tel: (225) 342-7701
Fax: (225) 342-7757

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 94280
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804

Physical Address:
Galvez Building
602 North Fifth Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

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Philosophy of Excellence

The following statement of philosophy is adopted by all Office of Telecommunications Management (OTM) employees to provide guidance in our vital role of providing quality products and service to state agencies. This statement of quality is a commitment to excellence by each OTM employee.

We shall strive to: 

S how individual and team initiative and work as a team within our department and across department lines. When we do this, we eliminate waste of time and money and enhance the image of the individual and OTM.
E xact customer driven solutions. Quality performance is driven by our customer's expectations. This means evaluating everything we do in terms of the value it brings to our customers.
R each for the highest standards of quality in job performance and in the activities of every department.
V oice thoughts and ideas and debate issues. However, once a decision is made, commitment to our strategic direction is expected from everyone.
I nvoke quality performance as a daily goal. We can make a difference if we incorporate quality performance into every aspect of our daily work.
C ontinue to learn. Each of us must seek out learning opportunities for continuous personal and agency improvement and growth.
E nsure that positive, open lines of communication exist at all levels to encourage improvements and identification of problems for timely resolution. Make sure that the right people know that we have a problem and that it is resolved.