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OTM Catalog of Services
Wireless Messaging (Pagers and BlackBerry)

OTM offers two types of wireless messaging services. The first is pager service. The pager is a common, inexpensive means for sending a message directly to someone, and with two-way pagers, being able to receive a reply.The second wireless messaging service is the BlackBerry. A BlackBerry may be used to receive and send email messages to any email or text-messaging subscriber, as well as sending and receiving pin-to-pin text messages to/from other BlackBerry users. The Blackberry also has calendar, address book, internet browsing capabilities, and other time-efficient aspects to its service.

The pager is a common, inexpensive means for sending a message directly to someone. The pager alerts the recipient that someone is attempting to establish contact. Pagers can convey transmitted information such as the time and date of a page, a callback number, a voice message or a text message. In some cases a return call is not even necessary.

This line of service consists of three components: pager equipment, pager air time which determines the area of geographic coverage, and special features. OTM stocks pagers for deployment to State agencies. The alphanumeric pagers have both multi-tone and vibration alert options. OTM will program coverage as the agency Telecommunications Coordinator (TC) may require: statewide, southeastern United States (TX, AR, LA, MS, AL, GA, FL), or all major metropolitan areas nationwide. Additionally, OTM can provide special features to make the pager more useful. The "custom greeting" feature of voice mail allows the user to create the greeting callers hear when they are placing pages to that pager number. Voice mail gives callers the ability to leave a brief message for the pager owner as well as key in a number for a call back.

Pagers can be programmed with local, toll free and/or group page numbers. The local and toll free numbers are unique numbers; none of the programmed numbers are usage sensitive.

The group page number is a programmable feature that provides the capability for multiple pagers to be notified simultaneously. It has a monthly fee per group number. Each pager can have multiple, unique phone numbers associated with it at no extra charge.

Billing Rates for Pagers

Monthly Rate
Standard Numeric Pager Rental
Standard Alpha Pager Rental
2Way Pager Rental
Complex Duplex P935 Pager Rental
Monthly Rate
Numeric Metro Airtime
Numeric Statewide Airtime 
Numeric Regional Airtime
Numeric Nationwide Airtime
Alpha Metro Airtime
Alpha Statewide Airtime
Alpha Regional Airtime
Alpha Nationwide Airtime
2Way/Complex Duplex Airtime
Monthly Rate
Alpha and Numeric Pager
2Way Pager
Complex Duplex P935 Pager
Alpha and Numeric Pager
2Way Pager
Complex Duplex P935 Pager
Monthly Rate
Pager Voice Mail 10/45/48
Pager Voice Mail 15/60/72
Group Page Number
Vanity Names (for 2Way and Complex Duplex Pagers)
Standard Numeric Pager
Standard Alpha Pager
2Way Pager
Complex Duplex P935 Pager
Other Pager Charges
Lost Or Due In From Customer Numeric Pager With Insurance
Lost Or Due In From Customer Alpha Pager With Insurance
Lost Or Due In From Customer 2Way Pager With Insurance
Lost Or Due In From Customer Complex Duplex P935 Pager With Insurance
Lost Or Due In From Customer Numeric Pager Without Insurance
Lost Or Due In From Customer Alpha Pager Without Insurance
Lost Or Due In From Customer 2Way Pager Without Insurance
Lost Or Due In From Customer Complex Duplex P935 Pager Without Insurance

How To Order Pagers 
To order pagers, complete and submit the Pager Order Form (OTM-24). OTM will process the request and bill the agency via the monthly OTM bill. The following information should be included for requesting pager service:

  • User name
  • User's telephone number
  • Cost center to be billed
  • Coverage area requested
  • Type of pager requested, i.e., numeric, alpha, 2Way, or complex duplex
  • Shipping address if the pager is not going to be picked up from OTM

For existing pagers, provide the pager number(s) and the situation OTM needs to address (change number, lost and needs a replacement, etc.).

If the agency's pager communications requirement cannot be met with the various pager offerings available, the agency should notify OTM that it wishes to use another means to procure service. The agency should send the notification to the OTM Procurement Section outlining the reasons the OTM service does not meet its needs and request delegated authority to go out on bid.

BlackBerry Service
The BlackBerry is a wireless device and service that is supported on multiple vendor networks and that provides wireless synchronization to the users desktop for email, contacts, and calendar. BlackBerry also provides access to the Internet through browsers and intranet-based applications. The BlackBerry can also support cellular service such that a single device can meet all the users wireless communications needs.

OTM provides BlackBerry devices and services from multiple carriers such as AT&T, Nextel, Verizon and Sprint.

The latest BlackBerry feature add-on is "tethered access" whereby a BlackBerry can be coupled with a laptop to transmit data in lieu of an air card. Both AT&T and Verizon provide this capability at an additional cost. Sprint provides the service as part of their basic service at no additional cost.

AT&T is the only carrier on contract that currently provides international BlackBerry service.

Nextel and AT&T both offer a GPS navigation tool with their BlackBerry device; it's called TeleNav. AT&T has two versions of the service at different price structures.

As BlackBerry devices are periodically upgraded with increases in memory and features, vendor pricing may frequently change with the introduction of new BlackBerry models. And with each new upgrade and enhancement, BlackBerry device nomenclature changes. Further, purchase prices continuously fluctuate with promotional discounts and market competition. For the latest information on BlackBerry carriers, product availability, and pricing, contact the OTM Messaging Section.

Billing Rates for BlackBerry Service
Billing rates vary by carrier; however, all services are flat rated. Some rates are for data only. Some include both voice and data capability but the voice (cellular service) must be added to the BlackBerry device by utilizing the appropriate cellular contract. Sprint and Nextel charge the same monthly BlackBerry rate whether you add cellular or not. AT&T and Verizon differentiate their monthly BlackBerry data plan from their BlackBerry data and voice capability plan.

Monthly Rate
AT&T Airtime
Unlimited international data with voice capability
Unlimited international data
Unlimited data with voice capability
Unlimited data
Unlimited data with voice capability and tethered access 
Unlimited data and tethered access 
TeleNav Track Plus GPS add-on feature
TeleNav Track Premium GPS add-on feature
Nextel Airtime
TeleNav GPS navigation add-on
Unlimited data
Unlimited data with voice capability
Tethered access add-on for unlimited data/voice 
Tethered access add-on for unlimited data

How To Order BlackBerry Service 
To order Blackberry service, contact the OTM Messaging Services Section. OTM will work with the TC to select the appropriate service.

OTM-24 Pager Order Form
BlackBerry order form--contact the OTM Messaging Services Section

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