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OTM Catalog of Services
Video Equipment

OTM has contracts for both Polycom and Tandberg (CISCO) video conferencing equipment. These contracts can be used by agencies for the purchase of:

  • video equipment,
  • ancillary equipment and components,
  • software,
  • maintenance, and
  • installation.
The contracts may be used to purchase video conferencing systems or to add individual items to existing video conferencing systems as needed. The systems and equipment can be utilized in either multi-point or point-to-point configurations for two-way, interactive, full-motion video conferencing.

The contracts' prices are based on percentage discounts. All prices include a one-year warranty and the cost of the delivery with all materials drop-shipped FOB inside the agency. Basic training is available at no cost, and specialized training is available for a fee. The contract has specific guidelines for the training.

Both contracts are with AVI SPL, Inc. The Tandberg (CISCO) is contract #408906 and the Polycom is contract #409113.

The contractor is required to provide integration (pre-purchase planning) service, if requested, at no cost to the State. The integration service shall include, but not be limited to, performing a site survey to determine functional, operational, and environmental requirements and to plan for the system setup.

Billing Rates
The agency will be billed directly by the contractor. Prices are based on percentage discounts. Refer to contracts #408906 and #409113 for details. (Information about telecommunications contracts is available on the Office of State Purchasing website.)

How to Order

Agencies interested in procuring video equipment, software, etc., will place orders directly with the contractor. Before creating the purchase order, OTM recommends the agency discuss their needs in detail with the vendor representative and schedule an on-site visit if appropriate. As part of the discussion process, the agency is to submit to the contractor:

  • an itemization of the work involved,
  • a description of the project, and
  • the agency's desired start and completion dates.

In turn, the contractor shall:

  • examine the statement of work,
  • visit the site if needed (at no additional cost to the State), and
  • return a quote to the agency.

The quote shall contain:

  • a fixed and firm price for the equipment,
  • the number of hours for setup (if applicable), and
  • the proposed start and completion dates.

This quote is the basis for the purchase order.

Forms--No Forms are used for this service

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