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OTM Catalog of Services

This line of service provides a connection linking two or more physical points to each other which are not switched. Circuits are usually for:

  • Data transmission between a local area network and the wide area network or internet
  • Monitoring alarm status between a detection device and the central monitoring equipment
  • Extending local telephone service to a remote location

There are three basic categories of circuits:

Local Circuits--InterLATA circuits provisioned by the local exchange carrier(s) at tariff rates. These services may be standalone or work in conjunction with digital backbone circuits.

Digital Backbone Circuits (T1 to DS3 Flex Services)--This service allows users to perform real time configuration management and alarm surveillance. The user can:

  • Electronically cross-connect and route traffic

  • Monitor network performance

  • Pre-arrange to automatically switch to back-up services using a personal computer accessible over the secured internet

Services are not limited to AT&T and can accommodate changes in services with minimal disruptions. Example: Qwest communications wins the T1 contract one term of the service agreement, but the next term AT&T wins that bid and to install takes only to move services at the central office but the customer local loops remain the same.

Other Circuits--Circuits provisioned by someone other than the local exchange carrier(s) at tariff rates. This includes:

  • AT&T 1.544 Mbps--This full duplex service offered by the State supports T1s for a variety of applications. This service has no management capabilities, no emergency re-routing, and no backup capabilities. This AT&T service is under a 36 month statewide contract with the option of two 24 month extensions. However, these extensions are not guaranteed. If the contract is rebid and this service provider is not awarded the contract, the agency may suffer disruption of services.

Billing Rates

  • Contact OTM Enhanced Network Services for availability of digital backbone circuit routes and applicable installation and monthly charges.
  • Local circuits will be provided at actual cost plus a 3% processing charge.
  • Other circuits will be provided at actual cost plus a 5% processing charge.
  • A Support Service fee of 0.5% shall be applied to the monthly cost of this service.

How to Order
To order T1 1.544 point-to-point or T1 to DS3 services, the TC should contact OTM Enhanced Network Services for assistance. OTM will work with the TC and the agency data networking specialists to select the appropriate service. After the technical details have been determined, the TC should complete and return the appropriate pages of the OTM Circuit Order Form to the OTM Advanced Services Section. Assistance in completing the Circuit Order Form and information about orders can be obtained from the Advanced Services Section.

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