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Wireless Messaging--BlackBerry Devices and Service

A BlackBerry is a device with service that is supported on multiple vendor networks and provides wireless synchronization to the users desktop for email, contacts, and calendar. BlackBerry service provides access to the Internet through browsers and intranet-based applications. A BlackBerry can also support cellular service (refer to Wireless Telephone Service). BlackBerry devices and service are available to state agencies through Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA) contracts. Agencies may work directly with the state's WSCA contract vendors to determine needs and select appropriate equipment and service.

Specific BlackBerry device identification information for each Statewide Email subscriber is loaded onto OTM's BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). Known as the Division of Administration (DOA) BES, this server provides the interface for email service, calendar, and address book between the Exchange email server and BlackBerry service and device. Any time that there is a change in the status of BlackBerry service or a BlackBerry device for a Statewide Email/BlackBerry subscriber, the DOA BES must be updated to reflect that change. The changes that will require an update to the DOA BES include adding a new BlackBerry subscriber and device, replacing an existing BlackBerry device with a new or different device, transferring the BlackBerry device to a different subscriber, and terminating an existing subscriber's BlackBerry service.

Billing Rates
The vendor will bill agencies directly for devices and service obtained through the WSCA contracts and will bill appropriate contract rates.

The monthly rate for DOA BES Service for Statewide Email subscribers is $3.50. A Support Service fee of 0.5% shall be applied to the monthly cost of this service.

How To Order
BlackBerry devices and service are available directly to agencies through WSCA contracts. Contact the WSCA contract vendor directly for assistance.

For DOA BES Service and information for Statewide Email subscribers, contact the OTM Wireless Section. To add a new subscriber or delete a subscriber, change subscriber information, or when swapping out a BlackBerry device on the BES, the agency Telecommunications Coordinator (TC) must contact the OTM Messaging Services Section at Requests must be in writing and should include the name of the BlackBerry subscriber, the BlackBerry telephone number, the BlackBerry PIN, and the cost center to be billed for the monthly BES access charge.

OTM-54 BlackBerry User Addition To/Removal From DOA/Statewide Email BES Form 


DOA BES Service for Statewide Email Users

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BlackBerry Devices and Service (WSCA Vendors)

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