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OTM Catalog of Services
Audio, Web, and Desktop Video Conferencing

Audio, Web and Desktop Video conferencing services enable a meeting to be conducted without the need for all of the participants to meet in a single location. These services enable meetings to be planned and arranged such that the actual meetings are conducted by bringing participants together by telephone or through the Internet-- anytime and anywhere.

Audio, Web and Desktop Video conferencing services are all available on a single state contract. Agency users can choose from either per minute usage per attendee or an optional monthly flat rate per host by using Voice Over Computer. International connections are available as a part of these services, with rates varying by country.

All conferences can be recorded for later playback. All conferences can be stored by either the vendor or downloaded to the agency for self storage. The vendor's storage fee has a two year life span per conference with the cost depending upon the size of the storage requirements.

The Audio Conferencing service can be accessed with a landline, mobile phone or through Voice over Computer. Web and Desktop Video Conferencing services can be accessed from multiple devices including a desktop, laptop and mobile device.

After an agency subscribes to the service, access information will be provided to the agency for the host to use. The host, or meeting organizer, will be responsible for the conference set ups. The host will be responsible for providing the conference access information to the conference attendees. The access information includes a toll free number and PIN or a URL depending on the conference type and the date and time of the conference event.

Billing Rates

Billing for these services will be sent directly to the agency by the vendor. OTM will not bill for these services.

When ordering services the agency may choose from either per minute usage per attendee or an optional monthly flat rate per host. Both pricing structures will allow up to 250 meeting attendees.

The monthly flat rate allows for unlimited conferences per month.

Per minute conferences are billed for actual usage in full minute increments. For example, if the conference lasts for 1.5 minutes, then the billing would be rounded to the next full minute and, therefore, two minutes of usage for each attendee's connection to a conference. Additionally, for each conference, there will be a minimum of one minute duration multiplied by the quantity of connections multiplied by the per minute rate.

The fee for vendor-provided storage of recorded conferences has a two year life span per conference, with the cost depending upon the size of the storage requirements.

International calling is available as a part of these services. Rates vary by country. For specific contract rates by country, refer to the vendor's international call price list: AT&T International Pricing

For pricing details refer to AT&T Contract 409361 on the Office of State Purchasing website.

How to Order

Agencies desiring services will place orders directly from the agency selected vendor. When creating the purchase order, OTM recommends the user research their historical usage of prior conference contracts and/or their forecasted usage to decide whether the per minute or the flat rate pricing best suits the estimated usage needs of the host.

The order process is:

Establish an account with the contract vendor. Multiple accounts may be established with the vendor. To establish an account:

  • Submit a "blanket" purchase order indicating the estimated number of minutes the agency anticipates using for conference services for the fiscal year. Note: To add minutes to the account, a change order is required.
  • Include the billing contact information on the purchase order:
    • The exact spelling of the agency and department name to be used on the invoice.
    • The name of the person to receive the invoice.
    • The telephone number of the person to receive the invoice.
    • The email address of the person to receive the invoice.
  • FAX or mail the purchase order and the completed OTM 52-Audio Conferencing Service Account Setup Form to the contact person listed for the respective vendor from which service is being ordered.

OTM-52 Audio Conferencing Service Account Setup Form


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