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ACD/Auto Attendant Maintenance

ACD or auto attendant maintenance includes hardware, software, programming and configuration changes to any of the components of the service. Components involved could be network equipment, software, or programming; or it could be platform equipment, software or programming.

Low Impact Maintenance Schedule
Planned maintenance that should not cause a service disruption is deemed "Low Impact Maintenance." This scheduled maintenance occurs on a regular, scheduled basis, usually the first Tuesday of the month and always after hours.

Notification will be sent to all agency contacts informing them of the maintenance and when the maintenance has been completed.

High Impact Maintenance Schedule
Planned maintenance that is known to be service affecting is deemed "High Impact Maintenance." Any high impact maintenance will take place after hours with notification sent to all agency contacts once OTM becomes aware of the need for the maintenance. Agencies with implementations that operate 24 hours will need to make other arrangements for their telephone answering needs for the duration of the maintenance.

OTM will notify the agency contacts when the maintenance has been completed.

Emergency Maintenance
Unplanned maintenance may need to be done on an emergency basis and without much warning. This will only be done if normal service is interrupted or degraded and action is necessary to restore service to its normal levels. If at all possible, emergency maintenance will be done after hours.

If emergency maintenance is necessary during working hours, all agencies will be notified of the maintenance, what the impact is anticipated to be, why the work is being done outside the normal maintenance window and what the duration of the maintenance is expected to be. While the maintenance is progressing, agencies will be provided with periodic updates.

When agencies deem it necessary, they may forward their incoming calls to an agency in-house telephone number for the duration of the maintenance. Agencies with automated attendants or 24/7 call centers have been provided with programming information/directions for this purpose.

OTM will send out notification once the work has been completed.