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Information for state employees will be provided here, when necessary, to provide important information specific to payroll.

Louisiana Employees Online (LEO) Click on the link above for access to the Louisiana Employees Online (LEO) webpage on the ISIS HR site. LEO allows users to reset passwords immediately without waiting overnight for activation. Employees may also use LEO to change their address, bank information, and other basic data. State employees will need their ID and password to access their information on LEO.

Request for Duplicate W-2 Form (OSUP/F37)
Click on the link above to obtain a copy of the request for duplicate W-2 form. The form must be completed and forwarded to your agency's employee administration office. The employee administration office will complete their portion of the form and then forward it to OSUP.

Statewide Vendor/Product Listing
Click on the link above to obtain informationregarding payroll deductions and miscellaneous insurance products offered to state employees.

Direct Deposit Information
Click on the link above to view the Mandatory Direct Deposit page that gives summary information on Financial Institutions.

OSUP Payroll Calendar
Click on the link above for payroll calendars and pay period tables.

Savings Bonds
Beginning November 15, 2010, traditional savings bond payroll deductions will no longer be available. Instead, you can sign up for an account with TreasuryDirect to purchase savings bonds and other U.S. Treasury marketable securities and send a payroll direct deposit to your TreasuryDirect account.  Please refer to our Savings Bonds page for more information.