May 19, 1998

To: All UPS Agencies
From: Ronald S. Mitchell, Director
Subject: New Activity Field for Coding of Information Technology in UPS

As indicated in OSRAP's Memorandum SA 98-37, dated April 27, 1998, Governor Foster's administration has made the accounting for information technology (IT) a priority. Creation of additional object accounts and utilizing the Activity field in AFS will ensure these expenditures are captured for FY 1999 and beyond. Effective the first payday in July (06/15/98-06/28/98), UPS will allow tracking of IT activity.

In order to accommodate the coding of information technology, UPS created a new one character input field called "ACTIVITY" on both UPS Online Distribution Add and Update Screens (BL14M205/BL14M215). The value of "1" indicates information technology (IT). If the activity "TECH" is hard coded to an organization for IT in AFS, the activity code "TECH" will be inferred and no entry will be required in the Activity field on the UPS Online Distribution Screen. Otherwise, it will be necessary to code a "1" in the Activity field to indicate IT. The Summary Inquiry Screen (BL14M519) will also display "ACTV" in the distribution information area with a value of "1" if coded on the Distribution Screen.

For reporting and interfacing purposes, if the activity field is coded "1" for IT, "TECH" will be displayed on specified UPS reports under the heading "ACTV". For the UPS/AFS interface, the "1" will be converted to display "TECH" for payroll transactions (J5). "TECH" will also be displayed on the PYDT table/reports in AFS. Even though Function (FUNC) will be displayed on both AFS reports/tables and UPS reports, the state will not be tracking function at this time. Currently there are no values for this field in AFS.

Three UPS generated reports which include the ACTV and FUNC headings are the Invalid Labor Distribution Codes (BL1424-01), Payroll Reporting Number Distribution List (BL1424-02) and the GFS Agency-Organization Distribution List (BL1426-02). The On-Line Master Record System Audit Report (BL1707-01) and the Daily On-Line Master Record System Audit Report (BL1707-02) will display the new field "ACTIVITY" in the employee add record area.

Please contact the UPS Help Desk at (504) 342-8928 for further clarification.


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