May 7, 1998

To: All UPS Agencies
From: Ronald S. Mitchell, Director
Subject: Hospitalization Coverage Codes for Plan Year 1998-99

UPS has added new hospitalization coverage codes for all four vendors (Group Benefits, Advantage, Ochsner, and United) to include options that allow a different class of coverage for the psychiatric rider than the class of coverage for hospitalization. For example, an employee may elect family hospitalization coverage, but choose to have single psychiatric rider coverage. Please note that in all situations/options, the employee must be covered before any dependents can be placed on either policy. UPS has added these codes based on information provided by Group Benefits. (NOTE: Community Health Network has changed their name to United Health Care.)

As a result of the new codes, the three digit characters no longer follow the combination/pattern of the past. The first character, representing the vendor, is the only character following the old pattern. Attached is a list of all the hospitalization codes available in UPS. An asterisk (*) denotes the new codes added for 1998-99.

Revisions to the On-Line User Manual are forthcoming. Questions regarding this change should be directed to the UPS Help Desk at 342-8928.



cc: Bruce Minor, Group Benefits

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