April 23, 1998

To: All UPS Agencies
From: Ronald S. Mitchell, Director
Subject: Report of Aged Outstanding Payroll Checks

Attached are two copies of the BL1537-01 report, Aged Outstanding Checks by P/R Reporting Number for period ending February 28, 1998, listing the outstanding payroll, supplemental, and service checks issued for your agency. Please refer to the OSUP Standard Accounting Procedures Manual, Section 1.07 for processing instructions.

By June 30, 1998, each agency must:

  1. Clear as many of these outstanding checks as possible; DO NOT rework checks handled on previous reports. It should be noted that the Department of Revenue is not required to publish notice of any items which are less than $50, and agencies are NOT REQUIRED to clear these checks.
  2. Report to Office of State Uniform Payroll the status of each outstanding check by notation on one copy of the attached report.

When sending your report to Office of State Uniform Payroll, make certain that the attached letter of certification (UPR/F31) is signed by your department head and included. DO NOT FORWARD AGED CHECKS TO OSUP.

For additional information, please contact Clark Silvey at (504) 342-0717. Your cooperation is appreciated.



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