October 17, 1997

To: All UPS Agencies
From: Ronald S. Mitchell, Director
Subject: Special Bad Address - No Bar Code Report

In order to assist agencies with employee address problems that were identified in our recent survey, a special Bad Address - No Bar Code Report (BL1714) will be available in BUNDL Tuesday, October 21, 1997 for pay period 10/06/97 - 10/19/97. Although the title reflects a "bad address" report, this special report provides a listing in PRN/SECT/UNIT/EMPLOYEE LAST NAME order of all employee mailing addresses (converted or not). NOTE: This report is different from the biweekly report of "bad addresses" only. There will be no hard copies printed of this report; however, the report will remain in BUNDL View for 90 days and can be located in BUNDL with a report description of "All Address Report".

For most employees, the employee master record mailing address has been converted to a postal standard address, by the software Finalist, and then printed on the report. Occasionally, an employee's master record mailing address will be converted incorrectly. When employees report problems with not receiving their check/earnings statement, this report can be used as a reference to verify the converted address or to determine whether the check/earnings statement had a deliverable address.

For any employee whose address could not be converted to a postal standard address, a "bad address" (as it appears on the employee master record) is printed on the report along with one or more error messages identifying what may be wrong with the address. This indicates that the check/earnings statement will not have a bar code, will be hand sorted at the post office, and may eventually be returned to the agency as undeliverable. In order to expedite the Direct Mail process, agencies must contact employees with "bad addresses" to obtain a more accurate address.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the User Services Unit at (504):

      Stacey Guilbeau     342-5377             Colette Anderson     342-5344
      Cheryl Bunch        342-5950             Frank Roberts        342-5357


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