October 2, 1997

To: All UPS Agencies
From: Ronald S. Mitchell, Director
Subject: 941/L3 W-2 Reconciliation Packets for 09/30/97

Attached is the 941/L3 reconciliation packet for the quarter ending September 30, 1997. Basic procedures for reconciling are found in Section 4.02 of the OSUP Standard Accounting Procedures Manual.

W-2 TOTALS are used by this office to reconcile tax payments to W-2 records. As a result, employee W-2 Exception Totals appear as outstanding items on the OSUP OUTSTANDING 941/L3 TAX ADJUSTMENT WORKSHEET (see attached). Agency personnel must resolve these W-2 exceptions, other outstanding 941/L3 tax adjustments and all invalid Social Security/Medicare Wage exceptions by correcting employee records in the system (e.g., employee W-2c adjustments). If your agency has exceptions, W-2 Exception Reports are included in your packet; Social Security/Medicare Wage Exception Reports were distributed to agencies by the computer center on September 24, 1997.

Clearing exceptions now will reduce the year-end rush that agencies may experience. Those exceptions not cleared by year end will prevent affected employees from receiving system generated W-2's for 1997. As a result, W-2c's correcting 1996 and 1997 W-2 information, as well as, system adjustments to tax payments may be required. Procedures on how to process W-2c tax adjustments are covered in OSUP Memorandum #97-33 dated December 4, 1996.

Any questions regarding the 941/L3 W-2 Reconciliation should be directed to:

 Frank Roberts     (504)342-5357   Cheryl Bunch         (504)342-5950
 Stacey Guilbeau   (504)342-5377   Colette P. Anderson  (504)342-5344 



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