September 11, 1997

To: All UPS Agencies
From: Ronald S. Mitchell, Director
Subject: New Hire Reporting and Multistate Employers

"New Hire Reporting" was legislated to provide for an efficient method of tracking parents to enforce support obligations. The Federal Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 requires that employers report newly hired employees to a designated state depository, effective October 1, 1997. The depositor for Louisiana is the Department of Social Services (DSS). Attached is a brochure with more information on New Hire Reporting.

Beginning with pay period 09/22/97 - 10/06/97, a new biweekly report, (BL1505-01) REPORT OF NEW HIRES, will provide a listing of any employee who appears on the ON-LINE AUDIT REPORT as an "add". The report will include the name, social security number, and address of those employees, along with the name, address and federal identification number of the employer. Agencies will not be provided a hard copy of this report; however, each payroll it will be available in BUNDL view for 14 days. Until magnetic media specifications are received from DSS, OSUP will forward a hard copy of the report to DSS. Please update your agency's OSUP Payroll Reports Manual with this information; a formal revision will be distributed at a later date.

Eventually, OSUP will report new hire data to DSS via magnetic media. Until that time, reporting for multistate employers (those employers/agencies with employees in more than one state) must be handled by each agency. To comply with multistate reporting, each agency must submit a copy of a W-4 to the designated out-of-state depositor (see attached) within a specified period, usually twenty days, of the employee's date of hire. Each state will have a different designated depositor and may have different reporting requirements and time frames. If, for example, an employee of the La. Department of Natural Resources lives and works in Texas, that agency (DNR) will submit a completed copy of the employee's W-4, plus any additional data required by the State of Texas, to the Child Support Division of the Office of the Attorney General in Texas. The attached brochure includes contact numbers for each state. Multistate employer agencies must contact each state in which they have employees to obtain details on that state's reporting requirements. Agencies are only required to report this information for newly hired employees working in a state other than Louisiana.

If your agency is affected by the multistate employer rules and you require additional information, please contact a member of the User Services Unit at (504):

     Tara LeBlanc         342-5345       Frank Roberts  342-5357
     Stacey Guilbeau      342-5377       Cheryl Bunch   342-5950 
     Colette P. Anderson  342-5344



c: Allen Reynolds, Dept. of Civil Service

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