September 11, 1997

To: All UPS Agencies
From: Ronald S. Mitchell, Director
Subject: Preliminary W-2 Employee Detail Reports

The Office of State Uniform Payroll will report 1997 W-2 information on magnetic tape to the Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service through the Social Security Administration for all agencies on the Uniform Payroll System. Preliminary W-2 Employee Detail Reports will be generated after payroll "Calc" for the pay periods ending September 21, October 19, and November 16, 1997. The final W-2 Report and the magnetic tapes for 1997 will be produced after the last paydayfor the year. These reports will be distributed to the agencies and may be viewed through BUNDL.

Each agency is responsible for information reported on the W-2 tape. Therefore, every effort should be made to see that information in the system is correct before this tape is produced. Employer and employee names, addresses, valid zip codes, tax numbers and individual amounts, including fringe benefits, must be carefully checked and verified.

UPS will not produce W-2's for any employee with invalid or no codes for EIC, CAFE, or Tax Shelter deferrals, zero gross wages, or with negative W-2 data. These employees will not be on the W-2 Report, but will appear on the W-2 Exception Report. Immediate attention should be given to this report as adjustments to tax payments, employee yearly records, and W-2c's for 1996 may be required prior to producing final W-2's and reports after the last payday of December.

Every effort should be made to process the necessary adjustments that are noted as outstanding on the 941/L3 W-2 Reconciliation for the quarter ending September 30, 1997. The IRS and the Department of Revenue will penalize agencies if W-2 records and 941/L3 reports for the year do not equal. Many agencies have received IRS notices on this in previous years.

Please research any problems and process all required changes or adjustments as soon as possible. OSUP Memorandum #97-33, dated December 4, 1996, outlines the instructions for correcting W-2 records. Subsequent OSUP memoranda will be distributed at the end of the year providing additional 1997 W-2 information (e.g., processing/update schedules for December and January, reporting and correcting W-2's, final remittance and reconciliation of taxes). There must be cooperation and coordination of these activities/deadlines between personnel, payroll and accounting staff to accomplish proper reporting and payment of W-2 and W-2c related information.

For further explanation or clarification of this information, contact a member of the User Services Unit at (504):

     Tara LeBlanc        342-5345            Cheryl Bunch   342-5950
     Stacey Guilbeau     342-5377            Frank Roberts  342-5357
     Colette P. Anderson 342-5344


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