September 4, 1997

To: All UPS Agencies
From: Ronald S. Mitchell, Director
Subject: National Payroll Week (September 15-19, 1997)

Please be reminded that the second annual "National Payroll Week" (NPW) sponsored by the American Payroll Association will be September 15 through 19, 1997. As last year, Governor Foster has issued a Proclamation (attached) recognizing the dedicated work of payroll professionals throughout the State of Louisiana.

The efficiency of the Uniform Payroll System stems from the dedicated efforts of each agency and individual payroll professional. Thanks to you, millions of dollars annually are properly collected and remitted to employees, credit unions, health and life insurances, deferred investments, and to our state and federal governments. Also, let's not forget the hundreds of children and other dependents who also rely upon your efficient collection of garnishments for their everyday lives. Every payroll professional touches many lives. Celebrate NPW with the satisfaction that you are contributing to your agency's financial success and that, with your help, your employees' money is in the bank!

Please let us know how your agency celebrated NPW so your ideas can be included in the On-Line Status Report. Please contact Colette P. Anderson at (504) 342-5344 with your ideas.

Again, thanks for your support over the past year and have a fun week.



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