July 22, 1997

To: All UPS Agencies
From: Ronald S. Mitchell, Director
Subject: FBMC Reconciliation Report for June 1997 and Total Sheltered YTD Report

Attached is your June 1997 FBMC Reconciliation. Any new exceptions on this report may be the result of the automatic June cafeteria maintenance in UPS or errors in cafeteria enrollment. The June cafeteria maintenance converted any employee's split or non-participating group hospitalization and/or life deductions to participating if the CAFE indicator was "P, F or M". Agencies should have made changes effective in June to Group Insurance PART Code for those employees enrolling in or stopping the Cafeteria Plan.

Since group hospitalization rates changed this plan year, deduction amounts for advanced group hospitalization and/or life (MSXL and MSXH) may need to be adjusted. One-times and refunds may also be necessary, because the months of June and July have already closed.

Note: In preparing this report, FBMC assumed that any hospitalization and/or life (HS/LI) participation changes in June (i.e., employees dropping or joining the cafeteria plan) were correct, because they are not handling the enrollment forms for 97/98 plan year. Agencies are responsible for making sure that any changes made were correct and that they have enrollment forms reflecting these changes.

As reported in previous memorandums, effective July 1, 1997 Fringe Benefits Management Company will no longer administer the cafeteria plan (Flexible Benefits Plan). It is therefore imperative that agencies immediately work exceptions on this report. Agencies should contact FBMC with any questions/problems relating to activity that occurred during the cafeteria plan year 96/97 (July 1, 1996 - June 30, 1997). Attention should be given to the exceptions listed on this report to avoid agency processing of W-2cs, amended 941s, and 941cs at calendar year-end. For detailed instructions on correcting report items, refer to OSUP Memorandum #95-04.

State Employees' Group Benefits is now administering the cafeteria plan effective July 1, 1997. Cafeteria questions related to plan year 97/98 (July 1, 1997 - June 30, 1998) should be directed to Ray Harrison, Cafe Coordinator, at (504) 925-3739.

Note: Also attached is the Total Sheltered YTD Report.

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