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State of Louisiana
Office of Statewide Reporting and Accounting Policy
M. J. "Mike" Foster, Jr.
Mark C. Drennen
Commisioner of Administration
April 14, 1999

TO:  Fiscal Officers  
  All ISIS Agencies  
FROM:  F. Howard Karlton, CPA  
SUBJECT:  EB and RB Approvals  

Effective May 1, 1999 all AFS expenditure budget (EB) and revenue budget (RB) transactions will be approved by the Office of Statewide Reporting and Accounting Policy (OSRAP). The Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) will no longer approve EB and RB transactions. OSRAP (PEND3), OPB (PEND4) and the State Treasurer's Office (PEND5) will continue to approve AP transactions. The final approval level will change on EB and RB transactions from PEND4 to PEND3. These approvals are in addition to agency level approvals currently in place. The requirements for OSRAP approval of EB and RB transactions will be as follows:

          1. The agency's budget must be in balance at all times. This means that MOF appropriations (AP) must equal Operating appropriations (AP), expenditure budgets (EB) must equal revenue budgets (RB), MOF appropriations must equal revenue budgets and Operating appropriations must equal expenditure budgets for each appropriation. OSRAP will not approve documents that will create out of balance situations.

          2. OSRAP will review SUSF each day for transactions at a PEND3 status. If we have received copies of the required documentation from OPB, we will apply the third level of approval and run the document. If the documentation has not been received, the transactions will be left pending approval. It is the responsibility of the agency to ensure that all of their AP, EB and RB documents are processed. If a document you were expecting to have approved has not been, contact the OSRAP Help Desk at (225) 342-1097.

          3. For transactions changing the net dollar level within an appropriation, a copy of an approved BA-7 is required before OSRAP will approve any budget transaction.

          4. For transactions with a net affect of zero within an appropriation; shifting funds between organizations, object codes or revenue sources, no documentation is required.

          5. If an agency is contacted to enter a document to place their budget in balance and fails to do so before the closing of a month, OSRAP will enter the necessary document to the budget development organization within the appropriation. The agency will be responsible for making any corrections needed.

          6. OSRAP is only verifying that the appropriations will be in balance after the transaction is processed, we are not verifying that the move is being done in accordance with OPB?s requirements since that is the agency's responsibility.

          7. OPB will continue to monitor the budgets through system reports and on-line table inquiry and will contact the agencies when needed to ensure that the budgets in ISIS conform to OPB requirements.

In an effort to ensure a smooth transition, any pending EB and RB transactions on SUSF as of April 23, 1999 must be at PEND4 status no later than COB April 23, 1999. Agencies that have created EB and RB templates, used to copy their EB and RB transactions, must have their templates in a HELD status by COB April 23, 1999. Agencies will not be allowed to enter or change any EB or RB transaction April 26 - 30 without obtaining OPB?s verbal approval. All budgets for FY99 regular appropriations must be in balance (MOF APs= RBs and OPER APs = EBs and EBS=RBs) or have the EB/RB documents needed to make them in balance at PEND4 status by COB April 23, 1999. Any EB or RB transaction that is not in a PEND4 or HELD status on April 26, 1999 will be deleted and the agency will have to reenter it. OPB will approve all PEND4 EB and RB transactions during the week of April 26-30. Any transactions entered on May 1 or later will require OSRAP and agency approvals.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Ruth Johnson at (225) 342-1095.

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    Mr. Steven Winham

    Mr. Ray Stockstill

    Mr. Gary Hall, CPA

    Ms. Connie Carlton

(504) 342-0708 FAX (504) 342-1053

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