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State of Louisiana
Office of Statewide Reporting and Accounting Policy
M. J. "Mike" Foster, Jr.
Mark C. Drennen
Commisioner of Administration
December 1, 1998

TO:  Fiscal Officers  
  All ISIS Agencies  
FROM:  F. Howard Karlton, CPA  
SUBJECT:  1099 Payer Vendor Records  

Attached you will find two InfoMaker Reports; Listing of State Agency Master Vendor Codes and Listing of State Agency Types and Agency Numbers. The Listing of State Agency Master Vendor Codes report lists the master vendor record tied to an agency type. Due to 1099 reporting requirements, it is mandatory to list a contact phone number in the Payer section of the 1099. If the master vendor record does not have a phone number listed on the report of master vendors, please write the contact phone number and name on the attached report, sign and date the report and fax it to (504)342-1053, Attn: OSRAP Vendor Section. You may also change address information on the form and fax it in. The Listing of State Agency Types and Agency Numbers lists all the agency numbers that report to your agency type. These reports are sorted by AFS agency type. The agency type is a 3-digit AFS agency number preceded by an ĎA'. Several agencies may be grouped together under one agency type. You will only receive a copy of these reports if an agency type is defined using your agency number and a vendor record has been defined as the master vendor for the FEIN associated with your agency type.

AFS uses the agency types to group agencies for 1099 reporting purposes. The agency type is tied to an FEIN, on the AFS AGTP screen, for which one and only one master vendor record should be defined. The information on the vendor file for this master vendor record will print in the payer section of all 1099s issued for agencies tied to that agency type. The master vendor indicator is displayed in AGPS on the VENC screen and in AFS on the VEN2 screen. The AFS 1099 reports 4G01 and 4G02 which are generated in June, November, and January are sorted by agency type. These reports are used to verify amounts paid through AFS to 1099 reportable vendors using 1099 reportable objects.

If your agency should have its own agency type defined in AFS and you did not receive either copy of the InfoMaker reports, or your agency was listed under another agency's FEIN and now has its own FEIN, you should contact OSRAP to have your agency's AGC2, AGTP and vendor record changed/added/inactivated. You must submit any changes to OSRAP by December 15, 1998 to allow for sufficient time to update your records before the AFS 1099 tables are generated.

Should you have questions concerning this memorandum, please contact Mr. Chris Meisner at (504)342-6351.



(504) 342-0708 FAX (504) 342-1053

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