Louisiana Administrative Code Titles

The Titles of the Louisiana Administrative Code are current through the compiled date of publication. Check issues of the Louisiana Register after the compiled date to locate and Rules that have been adopted, amended, repealed, or repromulgated. Rules promulgated in the Louisiana Register are part of the LAC upon publication in the Louisiana Register, and will be included in the next compilation of the specific title.

Title 1. Administrative Law
Title 4. Administration
Title 7. Agriculture and Animals
Title 10. Financial Institutions, Consumer Credit, Investment Securities and UCC
Title 13. Economic Development
Title 16. Community Affairs
Title 19. Corporations and Business
Title 22. Corrections, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement
Title 25. Cultural Resources
Title 28. Education
Title 31. Elections
Title 32. Employee Benefits
Title 33. Environmental Quality
Title 34. Government Contracts, Procurement and Property Control
Title 35. Horse Racingand Title 46:XLI, Professional and Occupational Standards, Horseracing Occupations
Title 37. Insurance
Title 40. Labor and Employment
Title 42. Louisiana Gaming
Title 43. Natural Resources
Title 46. Professional and Occupational Standards
Title 48. Public Health-General
Title 50. Public Health-Medical Assistance
Title 51. Public Health-Sanitary Code
Title 52. Ethics
Title 55. Public Safety
Title 56. Public Works
Title 58. Retirement
Title 61. Revenue and Taxation
Title 67. Social Services
Title 70. Transportation
Title 71. Treasury-Public Funds
Title 72. Uniform Local Sales Tax
(Uniform Local Sales Tax Administrative Code)
Title 73. Weights, Measures and Standards
Title 76. Wildlife and Fisheries