Online Publications of the Louisiana Administrative Code
  Titles of the Louisiana Administrative Code are current through the compiled date of publication. Check issues of the Louisiana Register after the compiled date to locate Rules that have been adopted, amended, repealed, or repromulgated. Rules promulgated in the Louisiana Register are part of the LAC upon publication in the Louisiana Register, and will be included in the next compilation of the specific title.

Title 33, Environmental Quality

Title 33:I, Environmental Quality: Office of the Secretary
Last amended November 2012, compiled November 2012

Title 33:III, Environmental Quality: Air
Last amended April 2015, compiled April 2015

Title 33:V, Environmental Quality: Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Materials
Last amended December 2014, compiled December 2014

Title 33:VI, Environmental Quality: Inactive and Abandoned Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Substance Site Remediation 
Last amended January 2013, compiled January 2013

Title 33:VII, Environmental Quality: Solid Waste
Last amended February 2014, compiled February 2014

Title 33:IX, Environmental Quality: Water Quality
Last amended March 2015, compiled March 2015

Title 33:XI, Environmental Quality: Underground Storage Tanks
Last amended January 2013, compiled January 2013

Title 33:XV, Environmental Quality: Radiation Protection
Last amended October 2014, compiled October 2014