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Please print this page for reference when using the Louisiana Snap-on Contract Site. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact your Snap-on Sales Representative or the Office of State Purchasing by email to:

Instructions for Using the Snap-on Website for Contract Pricing....

Below is the users guide to the Louisiana OSP State Contract for Snap-on Hand Tools.

Please follow the steps below when shopping.   Once a shopping basket is complete, forward the shopping basket to your facility purchasing office to complete the purchase order process.

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This is a non-exclusive contract, and shall not in any way preclude agencies from entering into similar agreements and/or arrangement with other vendors or from acquiring similar, equal or like goods and/or services from other entities or sources. Agencies should always shop similar LaMas contracts and document their business case for each item purchased.
If this or any other LaMas catalog contract does not satisfy your needs, then you must follow established purchasing procedures to obtain alternative products.

DISCOUNT 20% - 50% (See Attached for Product Price Group Discounts.)

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MAXIMUM ORDER:  See Contract Exclusions
METHODS OF PAYMENT Purchase Orders and Procurement Card

Mailed To:

Snap-on Tools (Industrial)
Post Office Box 9004
Crystal Lake, IL 60039

On-line Ordering Instructions: Until further notice, no orders may be placed on-line at the Snap-on site. You should create a shopping basket, print and attach to your AGPS order. An account number and password has been set up for State of Louisiana Snap-on LaMas Contract members. USERNAME: lmasinquiry PASSWORD: snapquote04
Contact Bobby Draper at 985-796-9505 for any questions. (Follow your internal Departmental rules and regulations on placement orders.)

F.O.B. Destination
2 days ARO UPS Zone Ground No Shipping Charge

WARRANTY: Standard commercial warranty:

All Snap-on and Blue Point brand tools carry a full warranty whose duration depends upon the nature of the tool. Torque wrenches and power tools warranty duration is supplied with the product.


Snap-on will accept new tool returns (based on our ISO definition) if product is in new condition and in original packaging. There is currently no restocking fee.


                         CONTACT INFORMATION

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Bobby Draper
District Sales Manager
Snap-on Industrial
15382 Highway 40
Folsom, LA 70437
Office Tel: 985-796-9505
Cell Phone: 985-807-3111
Fax: 425-984-9014
E-Mail Address:

  Bruce "Ed" Singer
Snap-on Industrial
Tel: 225-252-4877


Tommy Politz, State Purchasing Officer
Phone: 225-342-8035
Fax: 225-342-8688
E-Mail Address:


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Only stand-alone products are covered under this Agreement. No products which require labor and materials are included. Also, third-party products are limited to $1000.00.

Any products/services listed in the Contractor’s GSA Schedule which are third-party and do not carry the Snap-on brand or will not be performed by the Contractor signing this Agreement, will be limited to $1000.00 net cost per unit. This limit includes third-party software which is not previously installed as standard operating software.

These third-party products/services are intended to expedite the purchase and delivery of the majority of immediate needs, while producing administrative cost savings afforded by singular system transactions. Agencies must consider the concept of “total cost of acquisition” when purchasing these products.

Also, agencies are encourage to competitively bid, following your department’s internal purchasing and bid process, any Snap-on orders with a net discounted price greater than $300,000. More favorable pricing may be attainable.



Contract is one (1) line item contract, with no itemization in AGPS. Use commodity number 445-27-119739 for all lines.

The system will not calculate your contract discounts so you must enter the net discount contract price when entering your order in AGPS. Complete contract net discount prices are available via Internet, when using your unique Snap-on Tool LaMas account number, CD and/or Updated Excel Spreadsheets.

Required fields when creating an order in AGPS:

Snap-on Tools #364070294-03
Qty: Input line quantity, as appropriate
U/M: Input Lot, Each or Case, as appropriate
  (System will default to LOT)
Price: Leave this field blank.
  AGPS will populate the “price” field on the CRO
Cat#/Ind: Input stock number shown in catalog
  (CAT#/IND will now print on orders)
CAT$: Enter total net discount contract price for the entire order if U/M is LOT (total order is 1 lot @ $460.00); or enter the net discount contract price for the line item referenced (i.e.; line 00001 was for 1 case @ net discount contract price of $20.00, order line 00002 was for 2 cases @net discount contract price of $20.00, you would enter $40.00 in this field) etc.
DESC1: A brief description of total order or individual line descriptions
tool images
DESC2: Can also be input on these lines
KONT: 407912
KLIN: 00001
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