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Request for Proposal (RFP)

The Procurement Code allows for best value procurement through the Request for Proposal (RFP) process to obtain high technology acquisitions, complex services, and to contract with a group purchasing organization. This procurement method is used when criteria other than cost is considered in determining the best value for the State. To assist you in utilizing this process, we have developed procedures and examples in form of exhibits and attachments.

Complete Manual for Request for Proposals (does not include exhibits or attachments)
Award Notifications
Award Debriefings
Approval Process
Meeting Participation  
Evaluation Criteria  
Evaluation Committee Selection    Documenting the Debriefing
Agency Project Leader  
Requisition Submittal & State Procurement RFP Review  
Confidential Information, Trade Secrets & Proprietary Information
Advertisement and Release of RFP
Contract Negotiations
Pre-proposal Conference
Bid Bonds and Performance Bonds
Period of Inquiry
Contract Initiation
Cancellation of RFP or Rejection of Proposals
Specification Protest
Contract Changes
Modification or Withdrawal of Proposal
Acceptance of Deliverables
Proposal Opening
Termination of Contract
Steps of Evaluation Process
Contents of File
Eliminating Proposals from Further Consideration
Protest of an Award
Financial Evaluation Model
Monitoring and Reporting
Award Recommendation
Exhibit 1 - Act 692 (Information)
Exhibit 2 - RFP directive of State Purchasing Director dated 2/18/98 (Information)
Exhibit 3 - Agency Request for RFP (Example)
Exhibit 4 - RFP Format Boilerplate (Required)
Exhibit 4A - Federal Clauses used when federal funds are involved (Required if Applicable)
Exhibit 4B - Cooperative Purchase (Optional)
Exhibit 4C - Insurance Requirements (If Required)
Exhibit 4D - Generic Contract (Example of Required Document)
Exhibit 5 - RFP Review Questions for SPO and Evaluation Committee (Information)
Exhibit 6 - Evaluation Committee Member Instructions (Required)
Exhibit 7 - Letter to Evaluation Committee member concurring with no conflict of interest & confidentiality
(Example of Required Document)
Exhibit 8A - Financial Evaluation Model (Example used if Applicable)
Exhibit 8B - Financial Evaluation Model (Example used if Applicable)
Exhibit 9 - Advertisement and Notice to Bidders (Required)
Exhibit 10 - Addendum sent after pre-proposal conference to all that received proposals (Example of Optional Document recommended)
Exhibit 11 - Respondent's letter sent after proposal opening before competitive range is established
(Example of Optional Document recommended)
Exhibit 12 - Clarification letter after proposal opening before competitive range is established (Example)
Exhibit 13 - Letter to Schedule Oral Presentations (Optional)
Exhibit 14 - Questions to Check Proposers References (Example)
Exhibit 15A - Committee recommendation letter from Agency Project Leader to Agency Management (Example
  of Required Document)
Exhibit 15B - Award recommendation letter from agency management to SPO (Example of Required Document)
Exhibit 15C - SPO recommendation letter to Assistant Director (Example of Required Document)
Exhibit 16 - Intent to Award Letter (Required)
Exhibit 17 - Notice of Regret Letter (Required)
Exhibit 18 - Debriefing Topics (Example)
Exhibit 19 - Public Records Request Letter to Vendor (Example)
Exhibit 20 - Letter to Requesting Vendor for Public Records (Example)
Exhibit 21A - Contract Performance Evaluation (Example of Required Document)
Exhibit 21B - Contract Performance Evaluation (Example of Required Document)
Exhibit 22 - Steps of Evaluation Process (Information)
Exhibit 23 - RFP Evaluation of Strengths and Weaknesses (Information)
Exhibit 24 - Generic Contract Amendment (Example of Required Document)
Exhibit 25 - Letter to Agency with Signed Contract (Example of Required Document)
Exhibit 26 - Letter to Agency to request Contract Performanc Evaluation (Example of Required Document)
Attachment I - RFP Order of Events (Information)
Attachment II - RFP Buyer Checklist (Information)
Attachment III - Act 692 RFP Requirements (Required)
Attachment IV - Checklist for Agency Project Leader Checklist (Information)