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19 - Department of Education

19-678 Department of Education State Activities

Program A: Regional Service Centers

Program B: Executive Office

Program C: Office of Management and Finance

Program D: Office of Student and School Performance

Program E: Office of Quality Educators

Program F: Office of School and Community Support

Program G: Technical College State Activities

Auxiliary Account

19-681 Department of Education Subgrantee Assistance

Program A: Louisiana Education Achievement and Results Now (LEARN)

Program B: Title 1/ Helping Disadvantaged Children Meet High Standards

Program C: Title 2/ Dwight D. Eisenhower Professional Development

Program D: Title 3/ Technology for Education

Program E: Title 4/ Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities

Program F: Title 6/ Innovative Education Program Strategies

Program G: Title 7/ Bilingual Education

Program H: Title 10/ Charter Schools

Program I: School Food and Nutrition

Program J: Day Care Food and Nutrition

Program K: Special Education Parish Support

Program L: Vocational Education Assistance

Program M: Federal Pell Grant

Program N: Adult Education

Program O: Professional Improvement Program (PIP)

Program P: Supplemental Education Assistance (Misc. Flow Through)

19-695 Minimum Foundation Program

Program A: Minimum Foundation Program

19-697 Nonpublic Assistance

Program A: Required Services

Program B: School Lunch Salary Supplements

Program C: Transportation

Program D: Textbook Administration

Program E: Textbooks

19-699 Special School District No. 1

Program A: Administration

Program B: Instruction

Louisiana State Executive Budget Main Page