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19-681 Department of Education Subgrantee Assistance

The mission of the Subgrantee Assistance appropriation is to ensure that all recipients for the various activities supported by the flow-through funds included in this program will receive the appropriate and/or mandated services and funding.

The goal of the Subgrantee Assistance appropriation is to distribute the funds as per the requirements of the various activities represented by the funds represented in this program.

The Subgrantee Assistance appropriation has sixteen programs: Louisiana Education Achievement and Results Now (LEARN), Title 1 (Helping Disadvantaged Children Meet High Standards), Title 2 (Dwight D. Eisenhower Professional Development), Title 3 (Technology of Education), Title 4 (Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities), Title 6 (Innovative Education Program Strategies), Title 7 (Bilingual Education), Title 10 (Charter Schools), School Food and Nutrition, Day Care Food and Nutrition, Special Education Parish Support, Vocational Education Assistance, Pell Grants, Adult Education, Professional Improvement Program, Supplemental Education Assistance (Misc).

The previous Supplemental Education Assistance (19-697) has been renamed as Non Public-Assistance (19-697). In this appropriation (19-681), Supplemental Education Assistance refers to miscellaneous grouping of flow through funding sources including the following activities: Church Based Tutorial flow through, the Home Instruction Program (HIPPY), Paraprofessionals, Migrants, Starting Points, Distance Learning, Tuition Exemption, Textbooks, Learn and Serve, Robert Byrd Scholarships, CM Fellowships, K-3 Reading and Math, Technology, Teacher Supplies, Charter Schools Start Up, Type 2 Charter Schools Student Allocation, and High Stakes Testing Remediation Pilot Programs.



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