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19 - Department of Education

The mission of the Department of Education is to provide visionary leadership that seeks to identify educational and related needs of people and quality services that meet the needs and enhance the quality of life for all.

The goal of the Department of Education is to improve achievement of all students.

The Department of Education has the following appropriations: State Activities, Subgrantee Assistance, MFP, Non-Public Assistance, SSD No. 1.

In the 1997 Regular Legislative Session, reorganization amendments to R.S. 36:641-651 revised the department of Education structure to create the following offices: Executive Office of the Superintendent, Office of Management and Finance, Office of Student and School Performance, Office of Quality Educators, and the Office of School and Community Support. With reorganization, the SDE is moving from an organization based primarily on categorical revenue sources (Special Education, Vocational Education, Title 1, Adult Education) to an organization based on the major SDE functional responsibilities.

Department of Education 1996-1997 Developments

State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) approved new content standards for Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies

BESE and Legislature approved revisions to LEAP (Louisiana Educational Assessment Program)

Classroom-Based Technology Fund established

K-3 Reading and Math Initiative

New MFP added $140 million

Leadership fund established

BESE and Legislature approved revisions to Teacher Assessment

Classroom Supply Fund allows teachers to select instructional materials

Legislation for School and District Performance Accountability enacted

BESE studied/piloted a measure of student performance for possible future school approval criteria

SDE focused on school improvement plans with Consolidated IASA (Improving America's Schools Act) Funds

Department is reorganized based on function

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