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08-408 Corrections Services - Allen Correctional Center

Allen Correctional Center (ALC), a medium custody facility located in Kinder, was opened in 1990 and expanded in 1992. A 192-bed expansion was opened in July 1995, to bring operational capacity to 1,474. ALC, the second of Louisiana's privately managed state correctional institutions, is operated by the Wackenhut Corporation. ALC received ACA accreditation in January 1993 and was released from the federal consent decree in 1997.

The mission of Allen Correctional Center is to maintain a secure institutional environment that ensures the safety of the public, provides a safe working climate for employees, and offers humane and safe living conditions for inmates confined in that institution. To accomplish this mission, a highly organized system of interrelated policies, procedures, emergency plans, and systematic manpower practices are employed. Allen Correctional Center utilizes an aggressive classification procedure that incorporates a multifaceted process whereby individual inmates are assisted in correcting their antisocial behavior. The process spans reception, orientation, treatment planning and programming, progress assessment, reclassification, as well as preparation for release and reintegration into the community. Program staff provide a wide range of interdisciplinary services to the offender: medical, psychiatric, psychological, social, religious, vocational, educational and recreational.

The goals of the Allen Correctional Center are:

1. Maximize public safety through appropriate and effective custodial and supervisory programs.

2. Provide for the safety of correctional staff and inmates by maintaining an organized and disciplined system of operations that promotes stability in institutional and other field operations.

3. Ensure that basic services relating to adequate food, clothing, medical care, and shelter are provided to the inmate population.

4. Provide an environment that enables behavior change by making rehabilitative opportunities available for inmates who demonstrate motivation for change and the desire to participate in rehabilitative programs.

Allen Correctional Center has two programs: Administration and Purchase of Correctional Services.

This agency's recommended appropriation does not include any funds for short-term debt.

This agency does not have any long-term debt for Fiscal Year 1998-1999.

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