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08-400 Administration

The mission of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, Office of Corrections Services is to provide for the custody, control, care and treatment of adjudicated offenders through enforcement of the laws and implementation of programs designed to ensure the safety of the public, staff and inmates and reintegrate offenders into society. The goals of Corrections Services are:

1. Maximize public safety through appropriate and effective correctional custodial and supervisory programs.

2. Provide for the safety of correctional staff and inmates by maintaining an organized and disciplined system of operations that promotes stability in institutional and other field operations.

3. Ensure the basic well-being of the inmate population by providing adequate food, clothing, medical care, and shelter.

4. Provide an environment that enables behavior change by making rehabilitative opportunities available for inmates who demonstrate motivation for change and the desire to participate in rehabilitative programs.

American Correctional Association (ACA) accreditation encompasses all of the department's goals and priorities and serves as a catalyst for productive change in the policy-making, management, and operational processes in the state's correctional institutions, probation and parole divisions, and contract programs. ACA accreditation is a credential that identifies the state correctional system as stable, safe, and constitutional.

The Office of Corrections Services - Administration has five programs: Office of the Secretary, Office of Management and Finance, Pardon Board, Parole Board, and Adult Services.


This agency's recommended appropriation does not include any funds for short-term debt.

In addition to the above recommendation, $1,727 will be paid in Fiscal Year 1998-1999 for long-term debt incurred on behalf of this agency from the previous sale of bonds. Total long-term debt payments for the state for Fiscal Year 1998-1999 are reflected in the Governor's Executive Budget Supporting Document in Non-Appropriated Requirements, Schedule 22-922.

This agency's recommended appropriation also includes the following amount by means of financing for payments on the unfunded accrued liability of the Louisiana State Employees' Retirement System in accordance with the provisions of Article X, Section 29 of the Constitution of Louisiana:

State General Fund (Direct)









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