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07-276 Office of Engineering

The mission of the Office of Engineering is to provide the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of Louisiana roads and bridges. In addition, this office is responsible for the development and conservation of water resources for the state, as well as airport development and oversight of aeronautical activity. The goals of the Office of Engineering are:

1. Provide leadership and support services to the other DOTD programs in order to facilitate the achievement of their respective missions and objectives.

2. Provide safe and reliable transportation over the Mississippi River in a pleasurable and efficient manner.

3. Provide Louisiana citizens with water resources to meet their current and future needs in a flood free environment.

4. Address in a timely, efficient, and productive basis all of the aeronautical and airport development needs of Louisiana.

5. Provide cost-effective, quality maintenance to the Louisiana Highways System, its ferries, and its specialized heavy equipment and passenger vehicles to ensure safety and reliability.

6. Provide Louisiana with economical, efficient, and effective transportation systems in the public transit and rail transportation modes.

The Office of Engineering contains six programs: Highways, Bridge Trust Operations, Water Resources, Aviation, Maintenance and District Operations, and Public Transportation.


This agency's recommended appropriation includes $4,228,024 for short-term debt, including Lease Purchase agreements.

In addition to the above recommended appropriation, $80,973,370 will be paid in Fiscal Year 1998-1999 for long-term debt incurred on behalf of this agency from the previous sale of bonds. Total long-term debt service payments for the state for Fiscal Year 1998-1999 are reflected in the Governor's Executive Budget Supporting Document in Non-Appropriated Requirements, Schedule 22-922.

This agency's recommended appropriation also includes the following amount by means of financing for payments on the unfunded accrued liability of the Louisiana State Employees' Retirement System in accordance with the provisions of Article X, Section 29 of the Constitution of Louisiana:

State General Fund by:



     Fees & Self-gen. Revenues


$   965,082

     Statutory Dedications



Federal Funds









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