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21 Ancillary Appropriations Total


21-800 State Employees' Group Benefits Program



Program A: State Group Benefits Program


21-804 Office of Risk Management



Program A: Administrative



Program B: Claims Losses and Related Payments



Program C: Contract Litigation



Program D: Risk Litigation


21-805 Administrative Services



Program A: Administrative Services


21-806 Louisiana Property Assistance Agency



Program A: Louisiana Property Assistance


21-807 Louisiana Federal Property Assistance



Program A: Federal Property Assistance


21-808 Office of Telecommunications Management



Program A: Telecommunications Management


21-809 Administrative Support



Program A: Administrative Support


21-829 Office of Aircraft Services



Program A: Flight Maintenance


21-790 State Police Academy



Program A: Administrative


21-810 Public Safety Services Cafeteria



Program A: Administrative


21-791 Jackson Regional Laundry



Program A: Jackson Regional Laundry


21-796 Central Regional Laundry



Program A: Central Regional Laundry


21-813 Sabine River Authority



Program A: Sabine River Authority


21-818 Natural Resources Copy and Publications Center



Program A: Copy and Publications Center


21-860 Municipal Facilities Revolving Loan Fund



Program A: Municipal Facilities Revolving Loan Fund


21-799 East Louisiana State Hospital - Inventory



Program A: Ancillary - Inventory


21-148 Auxiliary Funds



Program A: Auxillary Funds


21-811 Prison Enterprises



Program A: Prison Enterprises


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