Budget Documents

Executive Budget Documents
As stipulated by both the Louisiana Constitution and Title 39 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes, the Governor prepares an annual budget recommendation and presents that recommendation to the Louisiana Legislature. The Governor's budget recommendation takes the form of two documents: the Executive Budget and the Executive Budget Supporting Document. 
The Executive Budget includes economic data, summary information on revenues, expenditures, recommended budget, and authorized positions as well as key financial information (as to means of financing and expenditures) and key performance information for budget units and their programs. 
The Executive Budget Supporting Document includes expanded program financial information as well as program narratives (identifying program mission and goals), both key and supporting objectives and performance indicators, general performance data (trends and external comparisons), and explanatory notes for each program.
State Budget Document
The State Budget provides a detailed financial plan for the fiscal year, as to both means of financing and expenditures as presented in the Executive Budget, with such revision as necessary to bring them into conformity with the legislative budgetary actions of the legislative session. It includes the Expenditure Limit report for the fiscal year. The State Budget is prepared no later than October 1st each year under the provisions of R.S. 39:56.
Appropriation Letter Package
Contains the General Operating Appropriation Letter for all agencies; the Operating Appropriation Letter for Ancillaries; the Schedule of the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget; the General Operating Appropriation ACT, the Ancillary Operating Appropriation ACT, the Legislative Operating Appropriation ACT, the Judicial Operating Appropriation ACT, and ISIS documents containing agencies' appropriations by Program, Revenue and Expenditure categories.
Other Budget Documents 
Other publications related to Louisiana's fiscal outlook, budget, or revenue and expenditure history.

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