20 Other Requirements Total


20-977 Division of Administration - Debt Service and Maintenance


20-980 Division of Administration - Unemployment Compensation Payments


20-929 Patient's Compensation Fund


20-923 Corrections Debt Service


20-933 Governor's Conference and Interstate Compacts


20-909 Louisiana Health Insurance Association


20-906 District Attorneys and Assistant District Attorneys


20-966 Supplemental Payments to Local Law Enforcement Personnel


20-901 State Sales Tax Dedications to Local Entities


20-903 Parish Transportation Program


20-905 Interim Emergency Board



Program A: Administrative Expenses


20-904 Tobacco Tax - General Assistance to Parishes and Municipalities


20-932 2% Fire Insurance Fund


20-924 Video Draw Poker - Local Government


20-940 Parishes and Municipalities - Emergency Medical Services


20-945 State Aid to Local Government Entities


20-XXX Miscellaneous



Program A: Final Judgments



Program B: Funds



Program C: State Retirement Systems Unfunded Accrued Liability(Updated 03/09/01)



Program D: Louisiana Incorporated(Updated 03/19/01)