Secretary of State

04-139 Secretary of State


Program A: Administrative


Program B: Elections


Program C: Archives and Records


Program D: Museums/Other Operations


Program E: Commercial

Office of the Attorney General

04-141 Office of the Attorney General


Program A: Administrative


Program B: Civil Law


Program C: Criminal Law and Medicaid Fraud


Program D: Risk Litigation       (Updated 03/01/01)


Program E: Gaming

Commissioner of Elections

04-144 Commissioner of Elections


Program A: Executive


Program B: Management and Finance


Program C: Voting Machines


Program D: Information Technology

  Program E: Voter Registration       (Updated 03/01/01)     
  Program F: Elections       (Updated 03/01/01)

Lieutenant Governor

04-146 Lieutenant Governor


Program A: Administrative


Program B: Grants

Office of State Treasurer

04-147 Office of State Treasurer


Program A: Administrative


Program B: Financial Accountability and Control


Program C: Debt Management


Program D: Investment Management

Public Service Commission

04-158 Public Service Commission


Program A: Administrative


Program B: Support Services


Program C: Motor Carrier Registration


Program D: District Offices

Agriculture and Forestry

04-160 Agriculture and Forestry


Program A: Office of Management and Finance


Program B: Marketing Programs


Program C: Office of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences


Program D: Office of Animal Health Services


Program E: Office of Agro-Consumer Services


Program F: Office of Forestry


Program G: Office of Soil and Water Conservation


Auxiliary Account

Commissioner of Insurance

04-165 Commissioner of Insurance


Program A: Administration/Fiscal       (Updated 03/01/01)


Program B: Market Compliance Program

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