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19B SPECIAL SCHOOLS AND COMMISSIONS - 19-657 Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts

The Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts (LSMSA), located in Natchitoches, provides academically gifted high school juniors and seniors with a challenging educational environment in an effort to accelerate the students' academic learning. The school is a free, public, residential high school which opened and formally began operation in the fall semester of 1983. The school operates under the jurisdiction of a board of directors, which appoints an unclassified director to manage the school. The LSMSA budget, summarized below, is organized into four program areas: Administration, Instructional, Residential, and Telelearning.

The Administration component is responsible for administering and supporting the LSMSA with the following essential services: program planning, school development and support, research, and review of data in order to develop comprehensive agency plans and specific programs to challenge youth.

Instructional services provides educational experiences for Louisiana's academically outstanding high school juniors and seniors by providing a challenging environment in an effort to accelerate the school's students' academic learning. This is done by pursuing the following strategies: an intensified method whereby the LSMSA student caries a larger classload than his/her counterpart in a regular high school; allowing the LSMSA student to develop at his or her own accelerated pace in company with other students; adapting the school's courses of instruction, methods and materials to the needs of each individual student; and maintaining the school's mandatory pupil/teacher ratio of 15:1. In addition, LSMSA provides advanced courses for students in smaller, remote high schools across the state.

Residential services provides a residential life atmosphere that complements the academic program, including recreational activities. Residential services entails: employing housemothers and monitors to develop rules for dormitory life and a schedule of activities; providing intramural and interscholastic sports as an athletic outlet for the school's population; providing students with the opportunity to work with various community service agencies; maintaining various clubs and a student government; and finally, sponsoring dances, concerts and other cultural and recreational pursuits for LSMSA students.

The Telelearning component is responsible for providing long-distance instructional services to schools through the state via computer and telephone connections. In addition, the program is intended to provide the professional staff, necessary equipment and instructional programs necessary for participating students to successfully complete the course of study requested by their school. The program is funded annually by a grant from the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE).

















   Interagency Transfer



   Fees and Self-Generated Revenues





















Instructional Services



Residential Services












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