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09-330 Office of Mental Health

The Office of Mental Health provides treatment and follow-up care for adults with mental illness and for children with serious emotional disorders. Mental health services are provided in community-based settings through state-operated mental health outpatient clinics, in state-operated inpatient mental health hospitals, and inpatient acute psychiatric units in many of the charity hospitals.

Community-Based Mental Health Services includes the following broad categories of public mental health services, outpatient mental health clinics services, and acute psychiatric short stay inpatient units. The goals of the program include: (1) make available to the citizens of Louisiana public mental health services through community mental health centers (CMHC'S) and their outreach clinics; (2) assure services are accessible and acceptable to consumers; (3) provide each client individualized services based on an evaluation of a multi disciplinary team which identifies impediments to health and resources to develop, promote, restore, and maintain mental health; and, (5) provide rehabilitative services in non-clinic settings which focus on well being and the clients' personal strengths instead of the focus on illness and remediation of psychiatric symptoms as is the necessary focus of the CMCH'S. Community-Based Mental Health Services is organized under three areas: outpatient clinics, acute psychiatric inpatient, and other services.

Outpatient Mental Health Clinic Services provides evaluation, screening and assessment; mental health treatment; emergency crisis care; medication management and administration; clinical casework; pharmacy services, and specialized services for children and adolescents to an active caseload in excess of 35,000 outpatients requiring public mental health services.

Acute Psychiatric Inpatient Units will operate 270 adult short stay inpatient psychiatric beds (with stays of less than 30 days) licensed through 16 LSU Health Care Services Division facilities. These units provide inpatient psychiatric treatment in a less restrictive, more community oriented setting than in the state-operated long-term care mental hospitals.

It is estimated that approximately 10% of the community-based mental health program expenditures directly benefit children, all of which are funded with 100% general fund. In addition, four of the State operated inpatient mental facilities provide services to children and adolescents. These include Central Louisiana State Hospital with about 24% of total expenditures for children, all of which are funded with interagency transfers from the Medicaid program; Southeast Louisiana State Hospital with about 17% of expenditures for children, also funded with 100% interagency transfers from the Medicaid program; New Orleans Adolescent Hospital (NOAH) which serves exclusively children and adolescents, and consequently 100% of the expenditures at NOAH are considered to benefit children, and are also 100% funded with interagency transfers from the Medicaid program; and Greenwell Springs Hospital, of which about 7% of total hospital expenditures are for a day program for children and adolescents (and which is funded with 100% general fund), and about 6% of the hospital's expenditures are for acute psychiatric inpatient beds that are licensed to the LSU Medical Center, Health Care Services Division Earl K. Long Medical Center and operated by Greenwell Springs Hospital personnel. This inpatient unit provides short stay inpatient mental health services to adult patients referred from the Earl K. Long Medical Center, and to children and adolescents in the custody of the Department of Social Services who require such services.
















$  8.5

   Interagency Transfers

















Community-Based Programs


$ 7.9

Central Louisiana State Hospital



Southeast Louisiana State Hospital



Greenwell Springs Hospital:



   Day Program



   Inpatient Unit



New Orleans Adolescent Hospital









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