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14-475 Office of Workers' Compensation

The mission of the Office of Workers' Compensation is to strive to prevent workplace injuries, deliver benefits to workers who are accurately determined to be injured, gather information about workplace injuries, and integrate and distribute this information to ensure a manageable cost effective workers' compensation system.

The goals of the Office of Workers' Compensation are:

1. Administer a financially sound program to meet current and future claim obligations.

2. Control medical costs.

3. Maximize the quality of care received by workers injured on the job.

4. Administer the resolution of workers’ compensation disputes in an efficient, timely, and impartial manner.


This agency's recommended appropriation does not include any funds for short-term debt.

This agency does not have any long-term debt for Fiscal Year 1999-2000

This agency's recommended appropriation also includes the following amount by means of financing for payments on the unfunded accrued liability of the Louisiana State Employees' Retirement System in accordance with the provisions of Article X, Section 29 of the Constitution of Louisiana:

State General Fund by:



Statutory Dedications









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