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Program A: Personal Health Services

Program Authorization: R.S. 17:1700, 2111-2; R.S. 24:253; R.S. 33:1561; R.S. 36:8, 51.1, 253, 256(B), 258; R.S. 39:171- 4, 231, 241, 321, 361-365: R.S. 40:2-7, 18, 28, 29, 31.2, 299.111-20, 1061-65, 1299.1-5, 1299.151 et. seq., 2481- R.S. 46:950-70, 971-2; R.S. 49:121, 190-9, 951 et. seq.; and Act 390 of 1991


The mission of the Personal Health Services Program is to provide and assure clinical and preventive services to Louisiana citizens to promote reduced morbidity and mortality resulting from: 1) high risk conditions of infancy and childhood; 2) infectious/communicable diseases; 3) chronic diseases; and 4) accidental and unintentional injuries.

The goals of the Personal Health Services Program are:

1. Reduce the high-risk conditions of infancy and childhood.

2. Prevent and/or control infectious and communicable diseases.

3. Promote and encourage healthy behaviors in communities, families and individuals and reduce the risk behaviors associated with the emergency and prevalence of chronic disease.

4. Reduce the incidence of death and disability due to unintentional injuries.

The Personal Health Services Program and its related activities provide a rich array of services to the diverse populations in Louisiana. This program exists for the citizens of Louisiana, providing health information and health education and assurance of essential health care services for the underserved. Services are provided to infants, children, adolescents, women of childbearing age, pregnant women, newborns suspected of having genetic diseases, children with tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, persons at risk for injury and violence, etc.

The Personal Health Services Program includes the following activities: Chronic Disease, Environmental Epidemiology, HIV/AIDS, Immunization, Infectious Epidemiology, Injury Research and Prevention, Sexually Transmitted Disease, Tuberculosis Control, Maternal and Child Health, Nutrition Services, Genetic Diseases, Family Planning, Children's Special Health Services, Laboratory Services, and Pharmacy Services.


Unless otherwise indicated, all objectives are to be accomplished during or by the end of FY 1999-2000. Performance indictors are made up of two parts: name and value. The indicator name describes what is being measured. The indicator value is the numeric value or level achieved within a given measurement period. For budgeting purposes, performance indicator values are shown for the prior fiscal year, the current fiscal year, and alternative funding scenarios (continuation budget level and Executive Budget recommendation level) for the ensuing fiscal year (the fiscal year of the budget document).




This program is funded with General Fund, Interagency Transfers, Self-generated Funds, and Federal Funds. Interagency transfers include funds received from the Medical Vendor Program for medical services to Medicaid eligible patients; funds from the Department of Education to provide health services to infants and toddlers (ChildNet); and funds from the Office of Community Services to be utilized in parenting training. Self-generated Revenues are comprised of donated funds utilized for provision of child car safety seats on a loaned basis; patient fees or third party reimbursements received for medical services rendered; manufacturer's rebates received from infant formula purchases in the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Nutrition Program; local funds generated by parish millage or contributions for parish health units; and allocation for drivers' license sales and fees for testing charged in the Emergency Medical Services activity. Federal sources of funding include funds for AIDS Prevention, Drugs, New Initiatives, and Reporting; a grant from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to study behavioral risk factors; the USDA Commodity Supplemental Food and WIC Program grants; a grant to assess the extent of exposure of the population to environmental contaminations; the Family Planning Title 10 Grant; the Healthy Futures Case Management Grant for at risk pregnant women; the Immunization Grant for Children; a Laboratory Training Grant; the Maternal and Child Health Grant; the Preventive Health Grant; the Safe Drinking Water Grant; a Tuberculosis Control Grant; a Toxic Site Health Assessment Grant; and the Sexually Transmitted Disease Control Grant.















ACT 19 FISCAL YEAR 1998-1999















Funding for YK2





Align means of financing between programs





Transfer positions to other DHH agencies




















Annualization of FY 1998 –1999 Classified State Employees Merit Increase





Classified State Employees Merit Increases for FY 1999 -2000





Unclassified State Employees Merit Increases for FY 1999-2000





Risk Management Adjustment





Acquisitions and Major Repairs





Nonrecurring Acquisitions and Major Repairs





Nonrecurring carry forward





Legislative Auditor Fees





Rent in State-owned Buildings





Maintenance of State-owned Buildings





UPS Fees





Salary Base Adjustment





Attrition Adjustment




Salary Funding from Other Line Items




Civil Service Fees




Workload – Increase funding for H.I.V. drugs




Means of Financing Substitution – Replace Inter Agency Transfers with General Fund to match revenue projections




New and Expanded Adjustments – Fund Home Nurse Visitation Program




New and Expanded Adjustments – Fund expansion of School Based Health Centers





















The total means of financing for this program is recommended at 104.4% of the existing operating budget. It represents 95.9% of the total request ($207,122,498) for this program. The two major changes was a increase of $6.1 million in federal funds for the HIV Drugs, $1.7 million for the Maternal and Child Health Home Nurse Visitation Program and $1.02 million for School Board Based Health Centers.



Employee Assistance Program


Assist OPH in the planning and designing of OPH owned and/or operated parish owned facilities.


Develop a comprehensive inventory management program tool.


Assist in presentations and preparation of materials concerning governance for "Turning Point Tools for Change" sessions


Develop and implement a consolidated strategic plan for Children’s Services


Operation & development of the South Central Public Health Leadership Institute for personnel in LA., ALA., ARK., and MS.


Administrative Internship/Residency Program


Consulting services to develop a collaborative planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation process of the human resources system, process, policies, procedures, etc. at OPH.


Objective assessment regarding the PH-9 billing and reconciliation systems.


Electronic billing and payment procedures to collect laboratory fees, oversee and monitor ongoing collection of laboratory fees and perform an internal audit of the system annually.


Collect animal heads from laboratory


Personal health services within the a managed care framework for the Medicaid Managed Care pilot.


Sickle Cell patient care and educational information.


Develop and operate a statewide Hemophilia Surveillance Project.


Genetics evaluation and counseling at Regional Genetics Clinics.


Lead Surveillance System which is essential for determining the extent of the lead toxicity problem in each parish.


Sign language interpreter; Specialty training in the "Impact of Early Identification on the Development of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Infants and Toddlers".


Home visiting program for MCH Services.


Primary speech/language provider in OPH Clinics.


OPH certified child care health consultants.


Expanded community based primary health care services.


Patient education to women, infants, and children in PHU’s through WIC, MCH, and Family Planning Clinics.


Medical services to Children’s Special Health Services Clinics.


Computer expertise in developing, documenting and implementing computer software package for CSHS


Family Planning Services to adolescent and adult patients


Cervical cytological slide diagnosis


Consultation and technical assistance to the Maternal and Child Health Program in the arena of health education/communication, social marketing, evaluation and public health practice


Establish a model home visiting program


Provide administrative, expert policy consultation and technical assistance on adolescent and comprehensive school health program


Consultant and toxicology advisor to the Environmental Epidemiology & Toxicology


Develop, update and track fish consumption/health advisors in Louisiana


Research for the Environmental Component of the Lower Mississippi River Interagency Cancer Study


STD screening and treatment, HIV counseling and testing services


Implementing a new STD computerized system


Conduct STD screening and treatment of inmates at the In-Take Division of the Jefferson Community Correction Center


Dispense STD medication


Infertility prevention project in New Orleans area


Coordinate the State of LA emergency investigation of methyl parathion (MP) exposure


Public Health Educators and Coordinators for the Immunization Program


Develop software to electronically transfer reportable disease data from LA hospitals to the Epidemiology Section


HIV Prevention and Consulting services


Identify and arrange breast cancer education, clinical breast examination and pelvic examination as appropriate, mammography and Pap smear, data collection and follow-up


Tobacco Control Regional Workshops professional conference support


Medical Director for the Injury Research and Prevention Program


Childhood injury prevention projects and violence prevention program


Tuberculosis screening and treatment


Medical services for Maternal Child Health Program, Eye Health, Family Planning,, and Tuberculosis Programs for patients in parish health units through out the state


Issue burial transit permits


Write a programmatic software required for automated operations in MCH


Staff development training workshops


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)


Write and edit section of the Healthy Communities Tool Kit that relate to group facilitation and comm.


Develop a multi-user Microsoft Access 97 based software service program to manage Marriage License Office services


Conversion of Vital Records Registry customer service transaction tracking and accounting software for Ms Access 97 based multi-user application to a SQL server version suitable for use over the DHH Wide Area Network


To include media/radio outreach services for WIC/Nutrition campaign for MCH Program and for HIV/AIDS



Medical Services for School Board Health Centers









Carry out duties as part of the National Registry examination process according to the Louisiana/National Registry exam orientation guidelines. EMS training program


PALS Workshop Faculty/Coordinator


Comprehensive primary care and preventive health services to students registered in the school health centers


Health Insurance Continuation Program


Organize the annual campaign to vaccinate dogs and cats against rabies


HIV Prevention Services


HIV case management and housing assistance


HIV Home Health Services


Provide services for the Ryan White C.A.R.E. Act (P.L. 101-381)


Protect health of LA residents and to prevent disease and injury


LA State Loan Repayment Program


Multifaceted outreach program that will reduce the rate of HIV/AIDS perinatal transmission


WIC banking services


Commodity Supplemental Food Program


City of New Orleans – Continue the WIC linkage to enhance immunization services


Analysis for the increasing of WIC participation statewide


Children’s Special Health Services – Other Charges, including hospital care, appliances, eye glasses, dental and orthodontic services for children with cleft palate, transportation of patients and their parents, and private medical and surgical therapy services


Tuberculosis control


Refugee Health Program – screening for TB, parasites and immunization of status of refugees entering Louisiana


Provide Sexually Transmitted Disease screening and treatment to patients


Assist with the implementation of Phase –2 of the project entitled "Innovations in Syphilis Prevention"


Continue the WIC likage to enhance immunization services; Clinical services and clerical support


Tobacco Control


Breast Cancer screening and evaluation


Rape Crises Services – Hospitals and YWCA’s


MCH Home Nurse Visitation program


Legislative Auditor’s expense


WIC Food



Medical Services for School Board Based Health Clinics












Interagency Transfers:


Tuberculosis Control Program


HIV/AIDS Program and Ryan White Title II ADAP


HIV/AIDS Program and Ryan White Title II ADAP for LSU-Health Care Services Division


Comprehensive primary care and preventive health services to students registered in the school health centers


Provide professionals services to cover Special Projects related to the control of HIV and STDs including developing and piloting new interventions be used for HIV STD control


Medical services for Children’s Special Health Services


LSUMC, School of Dentistry Orthodontics and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery to OPH’s CSHS


Medical services for Maternal and Child Health Services


LSUMC – Physician for Family Planning Program


Statewide Tobacco Prevention Resource, Research and Action Center at Stanley Scott Cancer Center


Statewide STD Program medical consultant


Medical and genetic counseling of patients; genetic laboratory studies


Provide health care providers and support staff to provide prenatal care at the Orleans Women’s Health Clinic


Train school health center staff to upgrade the quality of utilization data from school based health centers on specially designed software


LSU School of Medicine, Dept. of OB/GYN – Continue the demonstration model prenatal clinic in the Desire Housing Project


Comprehensive school health training & research


LA Behavioral Risk Factor Survey and Supplemental LA Minority Behavioral Risk Factor Survey


Services for WIC Supplemental Food Program to HCSD


LSUMC Pathology Dept. – Provide professional consulting services


LSUMC – Otologists for Children’s Special Health Services


Clinical Director of the Delgado Communicable Disease Clinic


Dept. of Civil Service for agency’s share of Civil Service costs


Treasurer for banking costs


Division of Administration for Comprehensive Training Program


Uniform Payroll for agency’s share of payroll costs


Northeast LA Univ. – Interviews for Grant


LA State Police – Criminal records checks on employees


University Southeastern Louisiana – Conference services provided


Louisiana State University – Grand Bois Investigation


LSU - Printing of various educational documents for distribution to clients receiving medical services


DOA - Maintenance and rental of sate - owned buildings


Peltier - Lawless Development Center for agency's share of utilities


LA State Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities for Maternal Child Health Services










Funding for replacement of obsolete, damaged, or inoperative equipment. See Analysis of Recommendation







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