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04-158 Public Service Commission

Article IV, Section 21 of the 1974 Louisiana Constitution directs the Public Service Commission to regulate all common carriers and public utilities. It also requires the Public Service Commission to adopt and enforce rules, regulations, and procedures necessary in its regulatory duties. The Department of Public Service was created by Act 83 of 1997, which enacted LSA-R.S. 36:721 Chapter 19. This act charged the department with performing the functions of the Public Service Commission. The law establishing the department also provides that the Public Service Commission shall serve as the executive head of the department and be responsible for the administration, control, and operation of the functions, programs, and affairs of the department.

The mission of the Louisiana Public Service Commission is to regulate the rates and service practices of the utilities and motor carriers operating in the State of Louisiana; to strive to provide safe, adequate, and reliable service for the public at rates that adequately compensate the utilities and motor carriers; and to continue to work towards ensuring affordable rates to the consumers.

The goals of the Louisiana Public Service Commission are:

  1. Be readily available and responsive to the general public.
  2. Be consistent with regard to the application and enforcement of procedures and regulations.
  3. Create an electronic universal database format for easy access to the staff and public regarding commission records.
  4. Establish guidelines and focus on continuous improvements and standardize processes.
  5. Maintain a current and thorough knowledge of substantive law, regulations, and policies pertinent to commission proceedings.
  6. Efficiently process pleadings before the commission.

The Louisiana Public Service Commission consists of five elected members, who serve overlapping terms of six years, from single member districts established by law. The commission applies uniform standards and promotes compliance through forced registration and, in the case of transportation companies, by means of highway enforcement. Revenues generated from fee collections fund the commission's activities.

The Public Service Commission administers the constitution, laws and regulations that give the commission regulatory authority over utilities and common carriers operating within the state. The commission assists federal regulatory agencies in their enforcement activities by requiring the registration of the operating rights of all motor carriers engaged in interstate commerce that traverse the highways of the State of Louisiana and requiring that each motor vehicle contain an identification stamp. The commission hires qualified personnel and provides them with training and proper equipment in order to enforce laws and regulations.

The Public Service Commission has four programs: Administrative, Support Services, Motor Carriers, and District Offices.


This agency's recommended appropriation does not include any funds for short-term debt.

This agency does not have any long-term debt for Fiscal Year 1999-2000.

This agency's recommended appropriation also includes the following amount by means of financing for payments on the unfunded accrued liability of the Louisiana State Employees' Retirement System in accordance with the provisions of Article X, Section 29 of the Constitution of Louisiana:

State General Fund by:



     Statutory Dedications









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