Office of Planning and Budget 

The Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) has primary responsibility for implementation of performance-based budgeting in the Executive Branch of Louisiana state government. This includes budget-related services (such as long- and short-term financial analysis and operating budget development, monitoring and control) and policy development, planning, accountability, and other management services (including the maintenance of a statewide performance database and integration of performance information into the budget development process. OPB staff represent the governor and commissioner of administration on commissions, councils, task forces, and consensus estimating conferences; through the State Economist, the OPB provides revenue projections to the Revenue Estimating Conference. 


The mission of the Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) is fourfold:

  • To assist the governor, commissioner of administration, and other state decision makers in the development of goals, policies, and priorities for the optimal use of Louisiana's resources.

  • To support and assist the governor and commissioner of administration in the development and presentation of the governor's executive budget documents and the monitoring of the state's operating budget to promote efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance with executive and legislative intent.

  • To coordinate the implementation ofbudgeting and managing for results in the executive branch of Louisiana state government.

  • To maintain and disseminate financial and performance data for the benefit of state decision makers, state agency and program managers, data users, and the general public.


  • The Office of Planning and Budget will provide efficient, effective, results-oriented planning and budgeting services that will enhance the general management of the finances of the state, support the development and maintenance of balanced state budgets, and directly link expenditures to outcomes.

  • The Office of Planning and Budget will make financial and performance information more readily accessible to data users across Louisiana by maintaining and maximizing the resources of the office's Internet website.

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