OITLines of Business

Under the direction of the Chief Information Officer, the Office of Information Technology is coordinating the information technology needs of all state agencies to identify opportunities to converge traditional and disparate agency functions into centralized technical service offerings, and implement them in the most beneficial and cost-effective manner.
The portfolio of services offerings will address the following categories:
  • Telecommunication / Network Services
  • Web Services
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Office Productivity
The services within each category will address:
  • identification of current and planned services that can be centralized to alleviate duplication of hardware, software, and personnel resources in various agencies
  • establishing technical and product standards
  • negotiating master agreements to leverage enterprise purchases
  • administrative and technical policies and procedures
  • establishing a uniform rate schedule for eligible participants
  • forecasting new and emerging opportunities
Business Offerings
  Item Download Last Updated
  IT SERV-001 Content Management   PDF 09/23/02
  IT SERV-002 Enterprise Search   PDF 09/30/02

  IT SERV-003 Statewide Email   PDF 01/17/03

  IT SERV-004 Payment Gateway   PDF 03/08/04

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