Under the authority of Act 772 of the 2001 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature, it is the intent of the Office of Information Technology to develop formal I.T. policies relative to information technology activities including but not limited to the following:
  1. Implementing of I.T. standards for hardware, software, and consolidation of services.
  2. Reviewing and coordinating I.T. planning, procurement, and budgeting.
  3. Providing oversight for centralization/consolidation of technology initiatives and the sharing of I.T. resources.
  4. Assuring compatibility and connectivity of Louisiana's information systems.
  5. Providing oversight on I.T. projects and systems for compliance with statewide strategies, goals, and standards.
Policies are numbered sequentially as they are issued but are listed according to one of the following categories, 'Centralization and Consolidation', 'Security', 'Hardware', 'Software', 'Procurement'. Any policy not so designated will be listed as a 'General Policy'. The official method of publishing / distributing OIT policies will be via this OIT website.

IT Policies

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Centralization and Consolidation Policies:
  IT-POL-002:Centralization of Information Technology   PDF 10/1/02

The documents not linked below are available in the Louisiana Secure Information Portal here in the OIT folder in subfolder “OIT – Enterprise Policies and Standards”. All state employees may log in with their employee Personnel Number. All other entities may make a request for access by contacting Mike Gusky in the Office of Information Technology at (225) 219-9470.
Hardware Policies:
  IT-POL-003:Transfer or Disposal of Personal Computer Equipment   PDF 1/12/05

Security Policies:
  IT-POL-001:Information Security Committee   PDF 2/25/04
  IT-POL-004:Secure Intranet and IP Addressing   PDF 5/1/03
  IT-POL-005:Desktop Management   PDF 5/1/03
  IT-POL-006:Authentication   PDF 5/1/03
  IT-POL-008:Authorized Access   PDF 5/1/03
  IT-POL-009:Modem Use   PDF 5/1/03
  IT-POL-010:Anti-Virus Software   PDF 10/3/05
  IT-POL-012:Remote Access   PDF 5/24/04
  IT-POL-013:Acceptable Internet/E-Mail Use   PDF 1/3/05
  IT-POL-014:Data Security on Notebook PCs, PDAs and Portable Storage Devices   PDF 12/11/06

General Policies:
  IT-POL-007:Retention of Imaged Records   PDF 11/02
  IT-POL-011:Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning   PDF 5/23/03

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