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The Office of Telecommunications Management (OTM) provides Local Area Network Services to state agencies in designated buildings. Initially, this service will be provided in the Capitol Park Complex in downtown Baton Rouge. This line of service is called "Data Dial Tone" and will provide subscribers with secure TCP/IP Ethernet services for connectivity between end-users and agency data resources at one of the shared Data Centers in Baton Rouge. All subscribers will participate in the private State intranet. Internet access is also available.

Approach (implementation strategy)
OTM has adopted a network architectural model for campus-based, high-availability enterprise networks. OTM provides all local area network services from the cable that plugs into the network interface card of the PC or network printer, through the building, from that building to the shared Data Centers, and to the Internet. The speed of access is fast Ethernet (100Mbps) unless 10Mbps access is specified by the user agency. All connectivity in the core of the network is via fiber and is running at gigabit Ethernet speeds (1000Mbps).

Several different types of service are offered with Data Dial Tone:

Desktop Access - designed for individual computers, network printers, or file or application servers located in a building served by Data Dial Tone. This is a monthly charge for each active port.

Network Access - designed for a "switch to switch" connection between agency-owned switches and OTM Aggregation switches. This connection may be at one of the State's shared Data Centers, or may be in a building served by Data Dial Tone if an agency special purpose network area exists. The monthly charge is based on the type of switch ports used: 10/100 or Gigabit Ethernet. Network access includes 2 physical port connections to two Data Center Aggregation switches for redundancy.

DMZ - designed for a "switch to switch" or a "switch to firewall" connection between agency-owned devices and OTM DMZ switches. The monthly charge is based on the type of port used for the connectivity (10/100 or Gigabit Ethernet) and the bandwidth subscription for internet access to the agency's servers.

LaNet via Data Dial Tone - Monthly charge for Internet access for the collective of an agency's users. Access is rate-limited based on the IP address range of the agency.

This shared, secure network is centrally managed and administered by OTM and OTM partner vendors. Standard procedures are in place for implementation, monitoring, hardware maintenance, trouble reporting, execution of adds/moves and changes, and billing.

Fundamental aspects of security on the network include the use of OTM-managed firewalls to separate the intranet from LaNet and the internet, and the use of rules on the switching software that prohibits traffic from one agency to be accessible to another. OTM has implemented a private IP addressing scheme for all Data Dial Tone subscribers. Each agency is assigned private and public address ranges appropriate to the size of their agency. Agencies must re-address their devices prior to moving and subscribing to Data Dial Tone services. Private to Public network address translation (NAT) and Port Address Translation (PAT) will take place within the OTM-managed firewalls that divide the State's secure Intranet (LSI) from the Internet.

Major Milestones
Sept 2001
Build-out of core network.
Oct 2001
LaSalle Building - 2 agencies
Jan 2002
Independence Park - 1 agency
June 2002
Claiborne Building - 6 agencies
July 2002
Baton Rouge State Office Building - 4 agencies
June 2002
Capitol Annex - 2 agencies
Dec 2002
Poydras Building - 1 agency
June 2003
Galvez Building - 2 agencies
2Q 2004
Department of Environmental Quality Lab
2Q 2006
Iberville Building
2Q 2006
Bienville Building

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Derald Kirkland, Director of OTM
Jane Patterson, Manager of Network Services
Catherine Shain, Project Manager for Data Dial Tone
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